Sunday, February 1, 2015

Two Japanese Journalists Hostages Killed Saturday

Two more people killed by the hands of ISIS. So far, ISIS is following through with all their threats. ISIS tweeted the threat and posted a ticking clock on Saturday threatening to kill the two Japanese journalists if Japan refused to pay the ransom of $200 million dollars for the two journalists. 

Our clock is ticking and the longer we sit on this ticking clock with ISIS. The bigger the threat ISIS is going to become to the United States. Obama hasn't set a realistic objective in defeating and destroying ISIS. The Arab world is not stepping up to put an effort to stop ISIS.  ISIS controls 1/3 of Syria and spread out through out the Middle East. Arab countries are going to delay stopping ISIS for fear of backlash against those who support Sharia Law. 

If someone doesn't step up and set forth a clear objective and plan to defeat ISIS they are going to continue growing and taking over more control of the Arab world and become a even larger threat to the United States. 

The Afghan Taliban is a terrorist organization, however our government has failed to declare ISIS as Islamic Extremist Terrorists. There is no difference between ISIS and the Afghan Taliban. Same type of groups with different names. Both groups are Islamic Extremists and killing anyone who does not follow their ways. 

President Obama is politically correcting himself right out of this war and putting the United States in danger of acts of terrorism being committed against the United States once again . Acts of terrorism has been committed against Americans in the past and it is very possible for it to happen again. Americans too quickly forget the past and develop a false sense of security. 

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