Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 Presidential Poles

Republican Candidates                               Democratic Candidates
Donald Trump                                               Hillary Clinton
Ted Cruz                                                      Bernie Sanders
Ben Carson                                                  Martin O'Malley
Jeb Bush

Take a long hard look at the Presidential poles. Is this who Americans would like to see on top of the poles?

Donald Trump is proving to be a real threat to Hillary Clinton in the poles. After all, Americans did vote in Ronald Reagan, an actor. Donald Trump's popularity with Americans continues to rise as ISIS becomes viable threat to the United States.

Hillary Clinton is a corrupt politician, but that doesn't seem to bother Americans. Americans may be banking on Bill Clinton helping Hillary run the country. So, are they voting for Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton? It is obvious who wears the pants in this marriage and it is not Bill Clinton. Americans are still looking for the glory days of when the American Dream was still alive when Bill Clinton was in office.

Now, we understand why Hillary Clinton chose to keep her marriage in tact after the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Hillary Clinton was planning on running for President, she knew she wouldn't be a viable candidate without her husband Bill.

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