Monday, July 5, 2010

Crash Dieting To Fit In Those Little Shorts

The funny thing about summer is that all of a sudden when summer hits a lot of people start to lay off the junk food and start eating healthier. All winter long we are practically covered from head to toe with cloths and don't pay attention to those developing roles on our waist.  Then when spring hits and we begin to wear less clothing and begin to see all the new little roles that have developed over the winter season and we hit the gym and begin the crash diets to get the extra weight off.
In the summer, there are more articles about eating healthy and dieting. Then we are reading every artical we can get our hands on for the quick fix to our winter weight gain. Should we really only be interested in eating healthy in the spring or summer.  I am also guilty of bad eating habbits in the winter.  My two favorite holiday dinners in the winter are Christmas & Thanksgiving. I love turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes & gravy, and sweet potatoes.  By the time Christmas is over,  my jeans begin to feel a little tighter around the waist and I am ready to hit the gym a little more to make up for all the times I slacked over the holidays. We will never change, we will always stuff ourselves with pizza and overeat on the holidays then rush to drop the weight in the spring. Then we tell ourselves, next winter I will be more careful about the food I eat and we never do.

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