Sunday, August 29, 2010

2010 Fashions

These are a few selections from Glamour Magazines
"Fall Trends: 12 Styles You're Gonna Want to Wear This Season"
It should be 12 Styles You Should Not Wear This Season.

What's up with clothing designers? Have they run out of ideas?  As a woman shopping in the clothing retail stores, it seems difficult to find something cute to buy.  You can find a few things, but today's fashions are just plain ugly. Not everyone wants to wear the super snug shirts that make you look like your going to pop out of the shirt or the 80's shoes that should have stayed in the 80's.  They just are really not that cute. They are taking all the fun out of shopping.  Shopping is becoming more of a frustration trying to find something that isn't just plain ugly. I'm a girlie girl when it comes to dressing up, buying cloths with all the stripes and ugly prints or the shirts that look like they are too small for me just isn't my thing.  They are making the shirts smaller. I find myself buy larger sizes than I used to buy just to make them fit. Even then sometimes the shirt just doesn't look right.  My 9 year old buys a junior small in some of her tee's and she bought a sun dress from the junior section that was a small.  She is not a big girl by far. She is actually kind of small. Since when can a 9 year old fit in to a junior small. There's something wrong with that picture.

Friday, August 27, 2010


What is it with the new phenomena of bed bugs? I know they have been around for years, but they were almost unheard of 5 years ago.  Bedbugs are becoming a nationwide problem. They seem to popping up everywhere, even in clothing store dressing rooms. You may want to wear that adorable little outfit you just bought, but they are suggesting you wash or dry clean it first and avoid laying your clothing or purse on the benches in the changing room. In recent weeks several New York City offices have been shut down due to bedbug infestations. According to the National Pest Management Association, bedbug related calls have increased 81% in the last 10 years and 57% in the last 5 years.  Where the hell are these little pests are coming from and why such a increase in the last 5 years?
Bedbugs seem to come from unclean or unsanitary conditions and clutter.  That's pretty scary. The most infestations come from hotel rooms. That means they are not cleaning the rooms the way they should be. International travel and immigration, these bugs symptoms are making a comeback. But people don't detect these symptoms until someone complains of excessive itching and has oval-shaped insect bite marks which are often mistaken as mosquitoes or dust mites bites. Small crevices and cracks are the best hiding place for the little pests. Heavily infested homes will have a sweet musty smell. The odor is secreted by the bedbugs scent glands. Look for fecal or excrement stains, egg cases, and shed skins of bed bug nymphs in crevices, cracks or holes on the bed or near it. Furniture near the bed should be checked also. Bedroom wallpapers, bed springs and clothing in your dresser, should be examined closely for these reddish brown stains. Bedbugs have become more of a problem than cockroaches. These little pests hide in unsuspecting places and get you when you lease expect it. The problem has become so severe, a woman in Michigan has trained her dog to sniff out bedbugs. Okay..... I'm itching now and the next time I stay in a hotel room or use a changing room I'm going to be paranoid.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is Sexting Cheating?

Today at work, some of my co-workers and I were having a discussion about "Is texting someone of the opposite sex and having inappropriate conversations with them cheating?" From a woman's point of view, it is cheating. Five out of five woman all agreed it was cheating as opposed to a one man's point of view that it is not as long as you were not having a sexual relationship with them. But, isn't that what it is all about and what is the point of doing it if it is going nowhere? If you want to do sexting, then why not do it with your partner?
Men or women who feel the need to cheat or string along others has a lack of self-esteem. The attention they are getting from someone else only builds their ego. A person should be confident enough in themselves not to need the attention of others to feel good about appearance or their ability to be physically attractive to others. You are sexting as a prelude to a sexual relationship with that individual.  By saying, I'm never going to meet with this person is a line of bull, because you know the first time the conversation gets all hot and bothered you will be running off to have sex with them. If you are willing to cross the line of sexting, you will be willing to cross the line of having a sexual relationship with that person too. You don't have to be having sex with them now to be cheating if you are sexting. Eventually, things will lead to a sexual relationship with the other person. It's considered cheating because you are talking sex with another individual while you are vowing to be honest and faithful to your partner.
You have to look at it this way... if you are texting someone and hiding it from your partner, then you know deep down what you are doing is wrong and your partner WILL react negatively towards you and most likely dump your ass when they find out. Saying you don't care if they were doing it is an excuse to validate your own behavior.  When you know deep down, your heart would drop to your stomach if you happen to find out your partner was sexting with someone.
So do yourself and your partner a favor, save them the heartache of your betrayal and be faithful.  You really have to ask yourself the question "Is this person worth losing the one I love?" Apparently not if you are not willing to leave your partner for them and have a relationship with the person you are sexting.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brothers & Sisters

What is it between brothers and sisters that they want to drive each other crazy?  My son is 10 years old and my daughter is 9 years old.  All they do when they are around one another is argue and tell on one another for everything. They have some major sibling rivalry going on. It is a constant competition for everything. My son loves to do things to make his sister mad and my daughter loves telling on her brother for EVERYTHING. God help us when there is a friend over, because then it's double trouble. It has gotten so bad over summer vacation they can barely be in the same room together to watch television.  Yesterday, my son had a friend over and thought he was being funny by running his little spy car around and spying on everyone. My daughter put a crayon box on the floor to keep the car from coming in the room and he pushed it out of the way with the car. They were arguing over who was going to put the crayon box back. Now, is she wants to block the car from coming in the room, you would think she would get up and put the box back. No, she comes upstairs to say his crayon box is on the floor and he won't pick it up. Okay, so I'm thinking he left his crayon box on the floor. That's not what happened at all. I'm surprised the babysitter doesn't quit on me. Two more weeks.... am I going to make it?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dumbest Things People Say

1. "New & improved".  Which is it new or improved?
2. "You want to have your cake and eat it too" Hell yeah, who wants cake when they can't eat it.
3. "Are you serious" Well damn, I wouldn't telling you if I wasn't. Why do they always need you to confirm what your saying.
4. "Do I have to?" You know, I'm not telling you for my health.
5. "It's the last place you would look" Well, ofcourse it is. That's why your still looking.
6. Telling a pregnant woman "she is getting fat." First of all she's pregnant & hormonal. So, you asking for it.Second, she's pregnant dumb ass, not fat."
7. "Are you sure?" I wouldn't be telling you unless I was sure.
8. "Are you done yet?" Okay, if they see you are still doing something, why are they asking you "Are you done yet?
9. When they ask "What are you eating?" Why are they asking you when they are looking at you while your eating?
10. When someone asks "Can I go to the bathroom?" I don't know, can you?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Infant Dies Friday When Ejected From A Car

When are parents going to learn to properly secure their infants in age appropriate seats? A 10 month old infant died on Friday when she was thrown out of the driver side window during an accident on Detroit's east side. A truck ran a stop sign and crashed into a vehicle carrying the infant and then ran into the front porch of a home injuring a teenager.  I understand the accident was not the mother's fault.  On the other hand, her child would still be alive, if only she had properly secured the infant in the middle of the back seat in a car seat! Your chances of getting into a car accident is higher than getting into a plane crash so why would a parent not put the child in a car seat or make sure the seat is installed properly? What does it take? A whole two minutes to make sure the seat is installed correctly? Now the mother of the infant could be facing child neglect charges.  I feel she should be charged with vehicular homicide.  Because of her laziness, her child is now dead.  I am sure she has a lot of regrets and is mourning the loss of her infant right now. But, I don't sympathize with her because of her stupidity. I sympathize with the child who lost their life because of their mother's stupidity.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Target Ban

You learn something new everyday. Your spending your money at Target and Target is donating a portion of your money to back a governer who opposes gay marriages.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dr. Laura Schlessinger- Racist or Freedom of Speech?

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, the conservative talk show host has decided to quit her radio show at the end of the year when her contract is up. Dr. Schlessinger is quitting her show because she claims she would like to move onto something where she can express her freedom of speech. Schlessinger used the "N" word eleven times when a black caller who is married to a white man called in to express her discomfort in some of her husbands friends make racist comments about their house. Schlessinger says the caller was hypersensitive to the word. Schlessinger shouldn't have the opportunity to to quit at the end of the year when her contract is up. She should just be out right fired! It sounds to me like Schlessinger is an underground member of the KKK. She thinks people are too sensitive to the "N" word and racist comments? How would she respond if someone called her a "cracker" or made racist comments to her ethnicity? Her parents had to have come from somewhere. After all, this is the United States. The country was founded by people migrating here. Unless you are an American Indian, you come from somewhere. I think no one should have the right to degrade another human being based on race, nationality or sexual orientation. Those should not be included under the freedom of speech act. The freedom of speech act has become a loop hole for racist. You can't go on the street and mutter the "N" word to a complete stranger or anyone else. So, why should you be able to go on air and use the "N" word? Technically on the street, if you repeatedly call someone the "N" word is would fall under hate crimes. Shouldn't she have charges filed against her for hate crimes?

Schlessinger was criticized in 2000 for saying negative comments about homosexuality. Which inspired gay activist to run a campaign to get her off the air. The racist old bag should have been yanked of the air in 2000. Now, I'm expressing my freedom of speech.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Iris Scanners- Hello 2010

Biometrics R&D firm Global Rainmakers Inc. (GRI) announced today that it is rolling out its iris scanning technology to create what it calls "the most secure city in the world."  GRI is partnering up with Leon, one of the largest cities in Mexico. GRI is going to fill the city with eye scanners.  So, whenever you walk into a business, use the ATM or try to board a plane, scanners will scan your eye and will reveal detailed information about you.  Law officials will start with the criminals first.  They will scan their iris and record all the data available on that person.  For example, if their is a warrant for someones arrest, if they attempt to walk into a business, use the ATM, or even try to board a plane, the scanners will alert the law enforcement of the location of the criminal.  It will become virtually impossible for someone with a warrant to board a plane. 
Eventually, the company plans on expanding to replace using debit cards, credit cards, and even scanning irises on the freeway.  So, when someone goes to the store or uses the ATM, their iris will be scanned instead of a card. The idea of all of bank information and credit card information being stored in huge data base sounds a little scary to me.
GRI's scanning systems are currently shipping to Leon.  GRI plans to begin Phase II of expanding to commercial enterprises in the next three years.
Scanning systems for law enforcement is actually not a bad idea.  Iris scanners would make it easier to catch known felons. Changing your identity won't be so easy for the known felon. However, I am sure with all new technology there are going to be bugs in the system and it may cause problems with mistaken identity with the average citizen.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pit Bull Attacks

Every summer there is a rash of pit bull attacks.  People who own pit bulls and dogs in period should be more responsible with their animals.  I think the owners of dogs who attack people or other animals when they're dog gets out should be fined and possibly even have charges filed against them.  Pit bulls are great at escaping. If your going to own one you have to be responsible for the animal and make sure there is no possible way the animal can get out without being on a leash.  Pit bulls can be a very dangerous animal. People need to wise up and start being more responsible for their animals. Once the dog has escaped and bit someone, the owner should no longer be allowed to own the animal.  After all, it is only a dog and when someones life has been put in danger then they no longer have the right to own the dog. Apparently, they are not responsible enough to own a pit bull. Dog owners period should be more responsible for their animals. I quit walking my dog around the neighborhood because there are too many dog owners who do not have the proper fencing for their dog and they can escape too easily .  I should be able to walk my dog without the fear of another dog coming after my dog or me. A few summers ago when I was walking my dog another dog jumped the fence and came after us. I had my daughter with me. Thank God, the dog didn't bite one of us. But, he was growling at us and if we had moved he would have. There's several houses around the neighborhood where there are dogs and the fencing is not secure enough to hold them in.  Either, they have built some make shift fence out of 2 X 4's and the boards are spaced too far apart, the fence is falling apart or it is not high enough for the type of dog they have. 
Just last week alone in Wayne County there were two separate occasions of pit bull attacks.  The animals are very strong and the owners under estimate the power the animal has.  Now a child will be permanently damaged for life and nearly lost his life because of an irresponsible dog owner.

Another Black Eye For Israeli Soldiers

 An Israeli soldier is in trouble for posting pics of herself on Facebook smiling while next to and in front of blind folded Palestinian prisoner.  Really, it is disrespectful. For all she knows that man can be innocent.  No one really knows. I'm not defending the actions of the prisoners.  But, you never know how many people are taken in as prisoners that are innocent.  Sometimes, they pull people in who they think may be able to give them information but have nothing to do with what they are being questioned for.  I defended the Israeli soldiers who broke out in a choreographed dance while on duty. You have to have a little fun now and then if your a soldier to keep your sanity.  But, I don't agree with degrading another human. Now, if the person has been found guilty of terrorism or a crime. Then they should be punished. Be smart and save the Facebook pics for more appropriate times. 
Seriously, when are people going to learn not to post things on Facebook that are going to get them in trouble later? People read the Facebook posts. Not only does your post go on your friends pages, but it is also is viewable by their friends who have commented on your post and so on. Eventually, someone is going to come across a post they are offended by and report it. Granted people need to find better things to do with their time than report people for their facebook posts, unless a crime has been committed. But, that is the way it is. Be smart and be careful about what you post. It may cost you your job or get you in legal trouble somewhere down the line.


My son had a doctors appointment this morning at 10:00 am for his vaccinations. Now, I had called to make an appointment for him at 9:15 and they told me to bring him in at 10:00. So, I rush around to get everyone out the door and have him there by 10 am.  Walk in the door and they say they can't see him until 1:00 now because the doctor had an emergency and her replacement won't be there until 1:00.  What kind of bullshit is that?  No phone call or nothing to tell me they changed his appointment and the doctors office is at least a 15 minute drive from my home.  I have been taking my children to this doctor for the past 11 years, they have my cell phone number.  Let a patient do a no show, no call and they would probably be trying to charge you. Most doctors offices require a 24 hour call in notice when cancelling an appointment or they will bill you for the office call. But, for some reason they aren't required to call you when your appointment has been changed at the last minute.  It would have been nice if she actually picked up the phone and called me to tell me the appointment was changed.  Maybe I hadn't left yet or even if I was driving I could have turned around before getting there, finding parking and dragging the kids inside only to find out his appointment was changed.  This only confirms my belief. Too many doctors think they are God and think they don't have to show common courtesy to their patients.  It's not the first time this doctor has pulled this.  There are other doctors in the office.  They should make sure they have another doctor on call to come in and replace the doctor who got called out on an emergency or at the very least pick up the phone and call you.  Because this happens way too much. The same thing happened over the winter when my son was sick.  They said she would be in, I drive him there when he was sick only to find out she got called on an emergency and I had to take him somewhere else. I really need to find another pediatrician.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dead Beat Dads!!!

What is it with some men who seem to think it's okay to play games with their children's lives. Most mothers are always there for their children.  Some men seem to think they can walk away whenever they feel like it and they are not responsible for the children they make.  It's like they think it is the mother's job to make sure their kids are taken care of and they don't have to worry about putting food on the table or making sure their children have the clothes or things they need.  When you tell them they need clothes for school, damn they are no longer the dad and want a test. The courts up here in Michigan don't help mother's either. They told him he only had to pay $51.00 a month for child support for two children.  The courts up here are a joke.  It's a complete outrage what they do up here. He walked into the court with fake pay stubs saying he works less than minimum wage part time and the dumb ass judge believed him. The dead beat dad is part owner of a gas station and therefore can forge pay stubs for himself.  Even when the judge was told he was lying he said I had to prove it. Now, shouldn't the father be the one to have to prove what he makes. Not the mother. That's why there are way too many children out there who are not being taken care of by their fathers. It's like no one seems to care. The judges sit up there collecting their big fat paychecks to screw over mother's and their children. They ought to put men like that in prison. I know they say they will. But, they don't. Not up here. At least not until they get too far behind in what they call child support. To get the money, it means I have to take him back to court and miss work. If the dad isn't helping take care of them you can't afford to take off work. The courts tie our hands behind our back and there is nothing we can do about it.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Big Booty Phase

Having a big booty has been coming around for a couple of years now.  For years, women who had the larger more rounder booty always wanted to be thinner and have the smaller figure. The smaller figure woman now want what they have and are willing to pay for it. They are finding the quick fix to the more larger rounder butt and some are willing to risk their health to get it. Women are going to the extreme, having parties where they have someone come and do injections in their buttocks to give them a more rounder and fuller butt. The problem with these parties is they are not professionals doing the injections and women are suffering from serious permanent damage from the injections. They are even selling big booty panties so women can look like they have a big booty.
Finally, the women with the big butts are fitting in. They no longer have to do everything in their power to try and shrink their butt and thighs. You don't have to be a twig anymore. Men want to see the thick thighs and big booties.  But, what's going to happen to all these women who are getting implants and injections when it is no longer in to have the large round butt and thick thighs?  They won't be able to remove their implants because the their butt will sag.  Eventually, the thin phase will be back in and we all will be hitting the gym like crazy to work those asses off again.  But, is this phase any better than the "thin is in phase"? Women are still going to extremes so the phase is just as bad. Music and the media depict what we should look like and it leaves a strong impression on women and our youth. Music and the media say we should have big butts and big boobs if we are going to be attractive or sexually desirable.  Men don't seem to have the same standards as women.  For men, it's more about fashion, cologne or jewelry.  Maybe that's because men are the ones who set the standards. That's why for years, women are running to get plastic surgery and the men are running to the stores to buy the latest running shoes and baggy pants. Then in another 5 years or so when they get tired of seeing all these big booty women, their going to want the thin women again and all the women will be running out getting more plastic surgery and starving themselves again to look like how everyone wants them to look. It's always going from one extreme to the next. Just as the Vogue model look was a phase. The big booty and big boobs will phase out too. Why can't men and the media accept women for who they are? Why are they the ones who set the standards for how they think we should look? Yes, women are partially to blame. We are the ones running out doing all this crazy stuff just to be desirable to men. But, we don't want to be the ones standing there with the small but next to woman with a big booty, knowing our man is looking at her ass wishing we had one like hers.  In the end, the women never win. Now, they want us to have a thin waist, big booty, big thighs and the big boobs. Damn... aren't they asking a lot from us?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Top Ten Craziest Diet Fads

As Americans, we are always looking for new ways to lose weight and are willing to try just about anything to get the weight off quick. Stop the insanity and eat healthy.

Top Ten Craziest Diet Ideas That Don't Work

Martini Madness
In 1964 Robert Cameron published “The Drinking Man’s Diet.” In Cameron's book he suggests drinking low carb beverages such as, gin or vodka will help you control your carbs.  Bologna!! Not only is it unhealthy for you to drink alcohol daily it doesn't work.

Chewing Your Food Thoroughly
Chewing your food thoroughly says you are to chew your food 32 times but don't swallow your food.  The diet says you can absorb the nutrients from the food without taking in the calories from the food.   However, you will lose weight on this diet, but it will be from malnourishment.

There is such a diet as the tapeworm diet.  Pills can be purchased where they are laced with worms and once you ingest them the worms live off the food in your stomach.  You can not purchase the pills in the United States. However, the pills can be purchased online. I wouldn't suggest trying this one, there are serious side affects and health risks involved. 

The Grapefruit Diet
You will have to eat only grapefruit for 12 days.  The diet does work, but it is extremely unhealthy for your you and your stomach and as soon as you resume eating again you will gain all of your weight back.

The Cabbage Diet
The cabbage diet encourages you to consume as much cabbage as you can possibly stand for seven days.  Eating only cabbage for seven days will help you lose weight but there is no protein in cabbage and your family and friends will be running away from you for the next seven days.

The F-Plan
This diet plan has you fill up on high fiber and advocates eating plenty of potatoes, legumes and grains. Okay, we all know eating carbs is one of the worst things you can do for your diet. You may find yourself packing on the weight instead of dropping it off.

Beyonce's Lemon-Aid Diet
Beyonce' drank 6-12 glasses of lemon-aid laced with cayenne pepper and maple syrup to drop the weight quick for her role in Dream Girls.  Beyonce' was the first to admit that she did lose 18 pounds in only 10 days. However, she put it every pound back on as soon as she resumed eating again.

Beer Belly
This diet was conceived around the real scientific law of thermogenesis.  The logic of the diet is that you consume cold food such as beer and ice cream because your body has to work hard before digesting the food.  The only thing your going to get from this diet is a beer gut.

Macrobiotic Diet
This diet focuses around eating whole grains, beans, vegetables with moderate amounts of fish, balancing the yin and the yang.  It was popularized by Madonna. It sounds like it would be a good diet.  However, it can leave you vitamin deficient.

The Low Fat Diet
Manufacturers came out with all these low fat foods and replaced the fat with sodium and sugar to improve the taste. Consuming higher levels of sodium and sugar is terrible for your diet and can cause other health risks.  Consuming fat in moderation can be healthy for you. 

Stick to low sodium, low sugar diets while consuming all your major food groups in moderation is still the best way to diet.  Don't look at it as dieting. Look at it as changing your eating habits permanently.  The quick fix will help you lose weight but you will put it all back on plus more when you return to eating like a human again.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trouble Filling Positions?

Some companies are claiming despite the high unemployment rate, they are having trouble filling the positions.  Employers are claiming they are getting flooded with applicants for the positions they are posting. However, they are only getting a few applicants who are qualified.  Then maybe it's time to train some people to actually get them back to work or put the requirements back to what they were before the job market got flooded with the unemployed.  Too many companies turn down the over qualified because they feel they will be unsatisfied with the position and the pay.  However, if you are unemployed and collecting unemployment you are facing your benefits coming to an end.  You are willing to take just about any job at that point.  Most unemployed clearly understand they are going to make significantly less money than they did at their previous jobs.  The problem is employers don't want to give us the opportunity to do the job.  I wonder if sometimes the people doing the hiring are threatened by hiring someone who is capable of doing their job.  Therefore, they go for the less skilled worker who is not a threat to their position.  We are not after their position.  We are after a job.  I am a over qualified for many of the positions I apply for. The thing that puzzles me is why are so few employers calling me.  A few have told me after interviews they don't feel I would be satisfied with the position and didn't hire me.  For most of the positions I have applied for I do have several years of experience performing the tasks they are asking, but they don't call.  You would think working at the same job for 10 years would show commitment and that would be a good quality.  However, I am still having a difficult time finding a job. Another problem is employers have raised their requirements for a position and lowered the pay. What kills me is they blame the jobless benefits for their problems.  They claim people are being more picky about the jobs because of all the unemployment benefits.  They need a reality check.  Granted, unemployment is still money coming in while your laid off.  But, it's not enough to pay all the bills.  Many families have lost their homes because they could no longer afford their home on unemployment.  Let me ask you a question. Since when has anyone ever needed a associates degree in business to be a secretary?  I'm sorry but that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. I was an office manager for 10 years. I trained secretaries to do their jobs but I am not qualified even though I performed secretarial tasks at my job.  Go figure. Employers have the answer right under their nose.  All they have to do is open their eyes.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Girls Entering Puberty As Early As Age 7

New studies have shown girls are entering into puberty as early as age 7.  Some Pediatricians claim that is partly due to a rise in obesity in youth, others have no clue why young girls are entering into puberty at an earlier age.  About 10 years back studies were done on young girls who entered into puberty at an earlier age and scientists put some of the blame on the hormones that are now being pumped into our animals by farmers to increase the amount of meat they can get from the animal.  Some of the problems with childhood obesity can also be blamed on the hormones that are injected into our animals. Now if farmers are pumping our animals full of hormones and we are feeding the meat to our children, it is going to have an effect on their bodies.  I am guilty myself of eating meat from the grocery store and feeding it to my children.  The economy gives us no choice.  Unless you can afford to go and buy meat from markets that only sell hormone free meat.  The problem is, it is very costly and The Food and Drug Administration should do something about the farmers pumping the animals full of hormones.  The problem is nobody really seems to care what they do to our meat.  The scary part is they now allow stores to purchase their meat from other countries to sell.  If you didn't know that, check some of the meat labels in grocery stores.  Walmart is really bad for selling a lot of meat from other countries. We don't really know the regulations in other countries, but people continue to buy meat shipped over here to the United States.  Is it possible to buy anything made in America anymore?   To me, it seems like the Food and Drug Administration is becoming slightly slack on following through with their regulations and monitoring what goes on.  You know there are problems when there are recalls on food almost weekly on the news.  I think the government has put our health second to money and they are allowing the farmers and the stores to do so too.  What is it going take before the government steps in and makes stiffer regulations on some of these companies and what is imported into this country to be consumed by Americans?  Infants have even had health complications from plastic baby bottles and formula. The government officials all sit around a table and compare the amount of money the country is making on imports to the health risks involved.  Guess what, they voted on the money not our health.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Crazy Shit People Do For Money

A 42 year old man of the African Nation of Togo attempted to board a plane four weeks ago. The man showed signs of being nervous and it alerted security.  It was discovered the man had swallowed 85 condoms filled with cocaine to smuggle into Houston, Texas. How stupid can you be to swallow 85 condoms filled with cocaine?  You can't even depend on a condom to hold sperm and prevent pregnancy. But, your stupid enough to believe it will hold the weight of cocaine?  In a way, it possibly saved his life that he got caught carrying the condoms full of cocaine.  If just one of those condoms broke it could have been fatal for him.  How did he plan on getting all of those condoms out without possibly breaking one of them.  Then he wouldn't be around to even spend the money from carrying drugs over here. The crazy shit people will do for money.

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