Friday, August 13, 2010

The Big Booty Phase

Having a big booty has been coming around for a couple of years now.  For years, women who had the larger more rounder booty always wanted to be thinner and have the smaller figure. The smaller figure woman now want what they have and are willing to pay for it. They are finding the quick fix to the more larger rounder butt and some are willing to risk their health to get it. Women are going to the extreme, having parties where they have someone come and do injections in their buttocks to give them a more rounder and fuller butt. The problem with these parties is they are not professionals doing the injections and women are suffering from serious permanent damage from the injections. They are even selling big booty panties so women can look like they have a big booty.
Finally, the women with the big butts are fitting in. They no longer have to do everything in their power to try and shrink their butt and thighs. You don't have to be a twig anymore. Men want to see the thick thighs and big booties.  But, what's going to happen to all these women who are getting implants and injections when it is no longer in to have the large round butt and thick thighs?  They won't be able to remove their implants because the their butt will sag.  Eventually, the thin phase will be back in and we all will be hitting the gym like crazy to work those asses off again.  But, is this phase any better than the "thin is in phase"? Women are still going to extremes so the phase is just as bad. Music and the media depict what we should look like and it leaves a strong impression on women and our youth. Music and the media say we should have big butts and big boobs if we are going to be attractive or sexually desirable.  Men don't seem to have the same standards as women.  For men, it's more about fashion, cologne or jewelry.  Maybe that's because men are the ones who set the standards. That's why for years, women are running to get plastic surgery and the men are running to the stores to buy the latest running shoes and baggy pants. Then in another 5 years or so when they get tired of seeing all these big booty women, their going to want the thin women again and all the women will be running out getting more plastic surgery and starving themselves again to look like how everyone wants them to look. It's always going from one extreme to the next. Just as the Vogue model look was a phase. The big booty and big boobs will phase out too. Why can't men and the media accept women for who they are? Why are they the ones who set the standards for how they think we should look? Yes, women are partially to blame. We are the ones running out doing all this crazy stuff just to be desirable to men. But, we don't want to be the ones standing there with the small but next to woman with a big booty, knowing our man is looking at her ass wishing we had one like hers.  In the end, the women never win. Now, they want us to have a thin waist, big booty, big thighs and the big boobs. Damn... aren't they asking a lot from us?

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