Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tiger Woods

Who's getting tired of hearing about Tiger Woods? You hear more about Tiger Woods than you did before.  His scandelous affairs is putting him in the news more than before.  It's not like he is the first man to have affairs.  Now they seem to think everyone wants to hear everything about Tiger Woods, right down to why he is wearing a particular bracelet.  Honestly, who really cares why Tiger is wearing a bracelet? Who really cares if the bracelet symbolizes anything?  I think all this controlled publicity is a stunt to regain the faith of his fans. Tiger needs to open his eyes and realize, if he was your average Joe without all the money, those women would not have given him a chance.  If  I saw him out in a bar somewhere, I wouldn't even give him a second look. He really isn't all that nice looking. They were after your money and fame Tiger, get a reality check. Tiger Woods isn't anyone but a man with a lack of morals, loyalty, and self-control who thinks the number of women he can get in the sack actually relates to him being more of a man.  It is pathetic, men like Tiger don't realize that it takes a real man to be honest and faithful. A real man has self-control. A lack of self-control only makes you a boy, not a man.  Self-control is something your supposed to acquire as you grow up and if you haven't mastered that task yet, then I guess that makes you a boy, not a man and you have a lot of growing up to do.

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