Friday, September 26, 2014

Imminent Threat to our Subway Systems

Iraq has put out that there is an imminent threat to the subways in the United States. However, the United States denies there being a threat to our Homeland security. Nine ISIS supporters has been arrested, but yet there is no imminent threat. Think back to 9/11, the government do not tell the American people there was a terrorism threat. Later after the fact, it came out the government knew about the upcoming attack and didn't take it seriously or take any measures to prevent the attack. What you are seeing now, is the government denying the threat on our subway systems. The American government has a history of denying threats and the reason for this is damage control. They are worried about letting the American people know, because they are afraid of sending everyone in panic mode and creating total chaos.

The United States is also guilty of harboring known terrorists. They have intelligence letting them know of known possible terrorists and their supporters, However, they just sit back and watch them build their organizations and recruit supporters. Millions of dollars are sent overseas everyday from people here in the United States. Terrorists hide under our Bill of Rights. 

Our country is too sympathetic. We allow millions of immigrants to enter our country and support them while they are here. They have learned to work our system to their advantage. While they sit back and laugh about how stupid our government and the American people are. Being married to an Iraqi in the past, I have visited Jordan and Iraq, listened to them talk about how Americans are sinners. Sat in their living rooms here in the United States while they bashed our government, bragging about how you can make life in America very easy. They sit around talking about how to scam our system, getting food stamps, your rent paid and free health care. Scamming our insurance companies, selling their food stamps, and working under the table to avoid paying taxes and keep their income low enough to collect welfare. They also sell their childrens name and social security number to other people to claim as dependents to collect EIC. 

When is this over compassion for immigrants to come to an end? Terrorism grows stronger every day and we are helping them fund and build their organizations. 

Wake up America! Our government isn't going to tell us when we are going to war until it is already done and they are not going to tell us when we are in imminent danger of terrorist plot to prevent chaos. Just don't be blind, sometimes you have to read between the lines and make sure you and your family is prepared. Think back and remember how you felt during the 9/11 attacks, the feeling of horror and uncertainty of the future of our lives and the United States. 

They have bumped up security in the Subway Systems, take the threat seriously. 

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