Monday, March 14, 2011

Back To Work

Today will be my first day back to work. Boy, was it a hectic morning. I have been up running around since 5:00 am. It will be so nice getting back to work and having a life outside of the house and the extra money will be nice too.

It seems like since I have been a stay at home mom, my children have become more dependent on me even though they are much older than they were before when I used to work out of the home in the past. They are more forgetful and require me to stay after them more getting ready for school. They are constantly forgetting to put their lunch money in their pocket even though I give it to them, forgetting their lunch or school ID. Then they have me running to the school at least once a week to bring them something they forgot. Maybe going back to work will be the best thing for them. They will have to learn to remember the things they need in school, because I won't be able to come and bring it to them if they forgot something.

I am just one of those women who need to be working for my sanity. It's a big part of who I am as my identity. Being a stay at home mom makes me feel weak and vulnerable and that is a very uncomfortable feeling for me even though I was doing some work out of my home. It wasn't enough income or to keep me busy. I love my children, but I have always worked since they were babies. Not to mention, I need the challenge mentally to keep my mind sharp. I am so happy to be going back to work for so many reasons.

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