Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Protesters and Muslim Extremists

NYPD officers killed

Paris Attack

Where are the all the Michael Brown and "I can't breathe" protesters now? They seemed to have disappeared. The protesters who are calling for people to kill police officers isn't much different than ISIS. 

Compare ISIS to the cop killing protesters. What are they calling for people to do? Kill people for their cause. One thing I have found about people who take things to the extreme is they will use whatever excuse necessary to push their cause and dismiss any facts that dispute their cause. Too many people do not get cause and effect or the real meaning of empathy. They claim they understand, but really they are lost. 

A true understanding of cause and effect would be to empathize with someone in a difficult situation. To empathize would be to know what you would do or react to the same stimulus. How would you feel if your brother, sister, mother, father and etc. were innocent victims of the cop killer attacks or an ISIS attack. They both have the same end result, innocent lives lost who had nothing to do with their cause. 

It is as wrong for the people go out and kill police officers or as for ISIS killing people. These same people out protesting against law enforcement would expect that same police officer to protect their life and expect the officer to give his life for their own safety if an Islamic extremist attack were to happen in their own neighborhood. My question is, how are they supposed to feel safe going into the neighbor hoods where protesters wanted them killed? How would you feel? Would you go? That is empathy! 

Without the police, we'd be living life like in a Iraq or Pakistan. Where you neighbor could burn your child alive for wearing lip stick. Where someone could walk into your home with an gun and rob your and get away with it. It would be a lawless society. 

Both groups are doing the same thing, killing for their cause. Think about it.

New ISIS Video Released Showing a Child Executing Two Spies.

ISIS has released a new video today titled "Uncovering An Enemy Within." The video is a recruitment video targeted at the young to join a new training camp of the "Next Generation." ISIS recruits young children to become members of the "Cubs of Islamic State" to become the next soldiers and carry out suicide attacks. These children sit in a classroom holding a AK-47 and are trained to be the new Jihadis of the future. 

Once a child is registered, they begin with extensive mental training. These training camps accommodate around 40-60 children at one time. The children are used to replace ISIS ranks and to keep the radicalization movement going. ISIS recognizes they must train and recruit to keep ISIS going strong. Most of them will end up in the battlefield standing next to their fathers.  

The video shows the boy executing two alleged Russian spies.  The child executioner expresses these spies were captured by the "Grace of Allah" and he is able to carry out the execution by the "Grace of Allah." The young boy is smiling in the video and expressing his hope to kill infidels. 

The ignorance of our own President refusing to admit ISIS is Islamic Extremist is only going to add fuel to the ISIS battle. ISIS believes that it is their duty of holy soldiers to spread the word of Allah and do what is necessary to make people follow Sharia Law and if they do not follow Sharia Law be killed. ISIS is fighting "Jihad", a holy war. ISIS is no different than a serial killer. The serial killer wants you to know why they are doing what they are doing. 

Ignoring ISIS is Muslim is the worst thing you can do, it is no different than spitting on the ground to a Muslim. It is extremely offensive to a Muslim to deny they are Muslim and their acts of violence are not in the name of Allah or the Prophet Mohammed. Denying they are Muslim will only infuriate them and motivate them to carry out more acts of terrorism.

Identify and know your enemy, because they know everything about you.  

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