Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Unusual Year Ahead

The year 2012 has already has already kicked off to an unusual start. The weather is definitely warmer than usual all across the country. Fifty degree weather in Michigan during the month of January, I will take it. My daughter pointed out something unusual today, there are three Friday the 13ths during the year 2012. An all out war has broke out in Iraq already.  Hopefully they won't be sending our men and women back over there to straighten things out over there again.

I don't really believe this will be the year the world will end. But, it may be the beginning of a new world. It is completely possible, it may be the beginning of a different world. Through out history the world has evolved and changed. The generation experiencing the change never believes the changes that are going to occur. 80 years ago they never would have believed you if you said in the future people will be able to sit on their couches  using a computer accessing the entire world or we would be able to walk around talking on telephones that you could take anywhere with you. They would have thought you were crazy.

Every generation experiences a major change in society. This just may be our generation and our children's generation experiencing the change. Our generation has watched technology grow and flourish. There is always a price to pay for increasing technology. It is a catch 22. The more technology that is created, the less jobs people are needed for to perform. People are being replaced with technology. Our environment has a price to pay for all the new technology. Therefore, we may experience global warming to a certain extent, more volcanoes, earthquakes and more environmental disasters.

I think we are looking at a different way of life. Technology has soared into the future, while it feels like people are falling back into the past. Our generation will have to be the generation that will have to learn how to embrace the changes that are happening and find new innovative ways to work. But, there are going to be those who fall between the cracks of change.

I don't really think we are looking at one catastrophic event happening and poof our world is going to be different. At least I hope that's not what we are looking at happening. It is possible to have several catastrophic events through out an extended time for all the chemicals we pump into the air and water to innovate all of our new technology. Eventually, it will catch up with us.

We have seen the Y2K and the 11/11/11 come and go. I think we will see the 12/21/2012 come and go along with the rest of the predictions. But, I think the year 2012 will be remembered as the year the United States has changed as a society. Our way of life will be changed forever. This economic recession we are suffering from will be the beginning of a new society and a new way of life.

Just as the Hoover was blamed for the Great Depression in the history books. Obama will be in the history books as taking down Osama Bin Laden and the Great Recession of 2012. Even though the recession began before he came into office, he will be blamed for the economic fall of our country.

I think we will be looking a  larger class division between the wealthy and the poor, the middle class is fading out. People have achieved the "American Dream" and are watching it slip right through their fingers. The cost of living is increasing making it more difficult for the ones who have managed to keep their jobs to maintain the way of life they are used to.

As more and more people lose their jobs, they become more desperate looking for ways to survive and the crime rate is increasing. Just as it has increased through out history.

What it all boils down to is, history always repeats itself. I don't think we will be living in this dark world where half our population will be wiped out during one big catastrophic event. We are looking at a different way of life that will be harder to achieve success and a lot of people will struggle and fall between the cracks. Our way of life will change and demand the need for more technology to be created. Our children or our children's children will be living in a different society than we knew of as we were achieving the "American Dream" and the path of change will not be a glorious path of change for our generation.

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