Monday, August 4, 2014

Migrant Teens from Central America come to Farmington Hills Michigan

Twenty-four teen boys between the ages 14-16 will be housed in Farmington Hills, Michigan sometime in August. People who are for the children who are coming over from Central America being housed and allowed to stay in the United States feel that those who are against it are prejudice. That is not the case, we have so many children right here in the United States who are living in poverty situations. Our Federal Government is going to foot the bill for all these children coming into the country illegally. Which, translates into we, the American people are going to foot the bill for all these children to be housed and fed.

Allowing these children who are entering the country illegally to stay is not the answer. It is only encouraging more immigrants to cross the border illegally and making the problem worse. If Obama wants these children here, let him house them in the White House with him and his family.

The American people have spoken out loudly, that we do not agree with Obama allowing these children to stay. If people want to come to our country, they should be made to follow the correct procedure for entering the country. Anyone entering the country illegally, should be sent back to the country they came from.

Our foster system is already crowded. Children services are already having problems placing and housing children who have no where to go or who have been removed from their homes due to unsafe living conditions. Take care of our children first. So many American children are being swept under the rug while we try to deal with the situation President Obama has dumped in our lap. Obama made the problem and is expecting the American People to deal with the problem he has now created for us. 

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