Friday, August 10, 2012

Bad food combined with bad service.

There is never anything good that comes out of bad food and bad service. That's exactly what I got when I ordered food tonight, August 11, 2012 from the Cottage Inn in Westland. It was a big disappoint to find out that one of my favorite pizza places to order from near me was terrible and most definitely my worst pizza delivery I have ever experienced.

For years while working, I used to order Cottage Inn Pizza in Dearborn. The food was always very good and I never had a problem with any of the orders I had ordered from there before. I ordered Cottage Inn in Westland and it was horrible. I am not one to hand out bad reviews, but this one was welled earned. 

To begin with, when I called and the girl who answered the phone put me on hold and we got disconnected. I should have just took my money somewhere else. Then I called back, it several tries to get the order right. Finally, we get the order right and he say's cash or credit. I told him all I have is a hundred dollar bill, but could use credit if the driver could not give me change for it. He says, yes I can have him be prepared to give you your exact change. Great response, but it's such a shame he couldn't follow through with that promise. 

One large pizza with pepperoni.
One medium pizza with just cheese.
Order of bread sticks that came with the special.
One large order of chicken wings with BBQ sauce on the side.
One 6" Italian combo sub with olive oil on the side.
One 6" ham and cheese sub with mushrooms, minus the onions and peppers with olive oil on the side.  

By the way, I am enjoying a absolutely mouth watering checkerboard ganache cake from Kroger. 

Not too complicated. Right? this is what we got from our worst pizza delivery order ever. 
One larger pizza with pepperoni, barely warm and nothing makes it any different than your below average $5 hot and ready. That is not a good thing when mass production pizzas that you really don't know how long it has been sitting in the warmer pizza. 

One medium pizza with just cheese-same as above. Strike two.

One order of bread sticks-cold. Strike three, it's not looking good. 

One large order of wings with BBQ sauce on the side- Nothing to write home about.

One 6" Italian combo sub  with olive oil on the side. This one is funny. We got a 6" sub of some kind with two very small pieces of salami that looked like eye balls staring up at you from the skimpy bed of ham it is laying on, cheese you would have to use a microscope to see, onion, peppers with a side of mustard sauce. missing ingredients- lettuce and tomato. I think that one is worth two strikes. 

Well, it's 1249a.m. and my I am very exhausted. I will have to finish up this review in tomorrow. I never thought it would take me this long to write a review. 

Hast la vista baby!

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