Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sheriff Arpaio feeds prisoners bread and water for a week as punishment

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is known for his unorthodox methods of dealing with prisoners and border patrol. Arpaio is the sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. Arpaio has been an advocate for tough border patrol and tough immigration laws. A dozen or so inmates desecrated the American Flags that were hanging in their cells. Arpaio came up with the idea of putting them on a diet of bread and water for a week as their punishment to keep them from doing it again. Thirty-eight inmates from six different prisons were fed bread and water twice a day for a week as punishment for desecrating government property while in custody.  

Kudos to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, prison life is way too easy for prisoners. Three hot meals a day, cable, gyms and access to the internet. Some prisoners have a better life in prison than they do on the outside. Prisoners maintain a Facebook page from prison. Take away internet access from prisoners, it gives them too much access to the outside world. If they want to educate prisoners, make them sit in a classroom and use books with no access to the internet at all. Three hot meals a day. Cereal for breakfast, cold sandwich for lunch and maybe a hot meal for dinner.  Definitely, no cable television or internet access. The tax payers pay for those inmates sitting in prison who have committed crimes in their community, so why are we paying for inmates to watch cable or internet access. When I ground my children, they are not allowed to use the internet unless it is for homework,  If prison life was made harder on prisoners, maybe fewer of them will return to prison.  Punish prisoners, not pacify them until their release.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Obama Golfing In Martha's Vineyard Again

There is crisis in the United States and all around the world. What does Obama do again? Obama runs to Martha's Vineyard to play golf. Wow! While we go to work everyday to support our family, Obama goes on vacation. There are enough issues going on in the United States and around the world to keep a president working 24/7. Where in the world does Obama find time to keep up on his golf game? Obama managed to squeeze in nine rounds of gulf while events involving Islamic State Militants in Iraq and Syria, an execution of an American journalist, unrest in Ferguson, Missouri and the list goes on. Apparently, his gulf game takes priority over his job of being the President of the United States. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Obama forcing schools to waive the vaccination requirements for illegal immigrant children.

Thousands of illegal immigrant children have flooded our country and now they will be placed in our public schools with our children without the proper health screenings and vaccinations. Our children are required by law to have the proper vaccinations to attend school. Obama is classifying these children as homeless and are forcing the public schools to waive the vaccination requirement, so they can start school with our children. Many of these children have already been placed in some of the countries top of the line government housing.

As one border agent put it:  “We’re having a lot of diseases coming in and some we haven’t seen in decades.” Agents are worrying about a viral outbreak. “We are sending people everywhere.” Scabies, viral pneumonia, drug-resistant TB, MRSA, staph infections, bird flu, and on and on.

As Bretibart reported:

The Virginia Department of Education issued a memo to its 132 divisions this week outlining how schools should handle the expected influx of more than 2,850 illegal immigrant children. In addition to giving them “homeless” status, which comes with benefits under the Homeless Assistance Act, the state is also ordering schools to “immediately enroll” the students and waive the health and immunization requirements of other students.
The memo to Virginia’s school divisions stressed the need to provide all children “equal access to an education” and highlighted the updated guidance from the Obama administration providing more flexibility on the documentation students need to enroll in public schools.
“Such equal access extends to children who come into the United States from other countries without an adult guardian. These children are referred to as unaccompanied alien children (UAC) in federal statutes,” the memo explains.
Once again, our rights are being violated and our children's health is being put at risk, because Obama feels our children's health and well-being is not as important as the immigrants health, well-being and education. Allowing these children to attend school without the proper health screenings and vaccinations is putting our children at risk of contracting serious illnesses and even death. Why is our children's health and well-being not as important as the illegal immigrants? I call what Obama is doing as Operation Population Control. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ferguson Missouri

Isn't it so funny how everyone is in a uproar about one situation going on in the United States, then something else comes up and the previous issue has practically vanished from the news? Two weeks ago the immigrants coming from Central America was the topic of the news, Israel is at war, Christians are being persecuted in Iraq and the list goes on, now we just hear bits and pieces of news from the United States and around the world and the situation in Missouri has taken over the news.

There is unrest all over the world, it is even becoming difficult for me to follow all the news going on around the world and I spend hours a day following the news. It seems the more attention Ferguson, Missouri gets, the worse the situation becomes. The people in Ferguson know the eyes of the United States is watching what is going on in Ferguson. So, what happens? They give us more to watch. After watching several online videos trying to sort out the mess in Ferguson, I have come to the conclusion that no, the officer should not have gunned down Michael Brown in the middle of the street like he did and he failed to follow police procedures on arresting a suspect. Michael Brown was far from a law abiding citizen, but he does have the right to a fair trial without being gunned down in the street. He was a young man on the wrong path, he decided to strong arm a store clerk over a box of cigarillos and a police officer decided not to follow police procedure. Now the city of Ferguson has come crashing down and is now a police state.

While protesters continue to protest in Ferguson, stores are still being looted and robbed by criminals, not peaceful protesters. The problem with situations like Ferguson is, people are going to take advantage of the situation and use law enforcement's lack of control of Ferguson to go out and commit crimes and innocent people are being harassed, robbed and killed all because one young man decided to rob a store for a box of cigarillos and one cop decided not to follow the proper police procedures. That is all it took for two people to bring down the city of Ferguson and cause injury and death to innocent people. Ferguson could be any city in the United Sates. Ferguson should be a wake up call to every police department in the United States.

Our own Charlie LeDuff, Fox2 News Detroit traveled to Ferguson to help the American people see what is going on in Ferguson.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Raise the flag of Mohammed at the White House

Situations like this is what happens when you let a large groups of immigrants come into our country due to poor conditions in their own country. Radicals take advantage of the situation and send their soldiers for their cause into our country. Not everyone that enters the country as immigrants are terrorists, but the United States gives them the opportunity to implant their soldiers in our society giving them more power and opportunity to cause destruction in our own country.

As Americans, it is time for us to take a stand against large fluxes of immigrants seeking refuge in the United States. Do not fool yourself into thinking there are not radical Islamic militants implanted in our society waiting for the perfect opportunity to cause destruction, chaos and death upon the American People.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sheriff Rollins of Harnett Country NC Warns Citizens to Arm Themselves

The United States we live in is a different country than most of us grew up in. Violent crimes are not just committed in the cities of the United States. Violent crimes are also spreading into the suburbs of the United States.

Harnett County, North Carolina has seen a spike in violent crimes just in the last few weeks. Harnett's County Sheriff Rollins urges residents to arm themselves and be prepared to protect their families. 

Sheriff Larry Rollins told about 130 residents at a community meeting on Monday that they need to “be able to take care of business” until police arrive.  ABC11 news aired a portion of Monday's meeting

Not everyone is pleased with the advice Sheriff Rollins gave residents. I agree with Sheriff Rollins, when it comes to protecting your family, family comes first over a criminal who is breaking into your home. A criminal who breaks into your home does not care if they harm your family. So, why should we care if we harm them in the process of them committing a crime against you or your family? The safety of my family comes first!

Obviously, if you are a gun owner be responsible and store the gun in locked safe bolted to the floor. As Americans, we have the right to own a gun and the right to protect ourselves and family in the presence of danger.  


A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

I am all for background checks and a waiting period before a person is allowed to purchase a gun. But, I am also a firm believer in protecting our right to own a gun. 

When it comes down to the life of someone who invaded my home and the life of my family, I will use whatever means necessary to protect the lives of my family. If people who commit crimes against citizens of the United States do not want to be shot or killed, then do not commit violent crimes.  I have no sympathy what so ever for someone who commits a violent crime against someone else. I back Sheriff Rollins statement 100%.  

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

CBS' Gayle King: Unless Illegal Aliens Are Doing Something ‘Illegal,’ Leave Them Alone

Unless illegal aliens are doing something illegal, then leave them alone. Hmm.... that statement alone contradicts itself. Illegal aliens, hence the word illegal. They did something illegal when they illegally crossed the border and they are doing something illegal everyday by staying in the country illegally. When statements like these are made, they are made through rose colored glasses with a lack of information on the facts. Anyone who wants them to stay, feel free to move them into their homes and neighborhoods and see how much they agree with it after that. King has no fear of them moving next door to her, Gayle King does not live in the suburbs or where they can afford to live next door to her. Therefore, it is easy for King to make a statement like, leave them alone.

According to ICE(Immigration and Customs Enforcement), the crimes committed by illegal aliens released from federal custody include homicide, sexual assault, theft, kidnapping and alcohol-related driving convictions. In all, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) freed 36,007 aliens convicted of 88,000 crimes from detention centers throughout the United States, according the breathtaking agency records, which were obtained this month by a nonpartisan research center dedicated to studying immigration issues.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is one of the most prominent individual voicing her concerns about gang members being among the illegal aliens. June 12th, a letter was sent to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid(D-Nev), Arizona Governor Jan Brewer wrote:
Our country is in the midst of a crisis manufactured by President Obama and his administration's refusal to enforce our nation's immigration laws. As a result, thousands of people from Central America — including unaccompanied children — are flooding into the United States and not fleeing from, but surrendering to, United States Border Patrol officials.

Brewer continues to address:

By the Obama administration's own estimation, 230,000 unaccompanied alien minors are expected to cross through the Rio Grande Sector by the end of next year.... If Border Patrol is overwhelmed, what consideration is being given — and what is being done — to determine if any of these illegal aliens have criminal histories or gang affiliations? For example, we know that MS-13, one of the world's most notorious international gangs, has strong ties to several of the Central American countries from which these aliens are arriving. The administration's refusal to properly verify that violent criminals are not among those entering the United States shows an alarming lack of concern for our homeland’s security. As a nation, we cannot sit back and allow this policy to continue.

Is this what you want living next door to you? They have to
live next door to someone.

The American citizens have voiced their opinion on illegal immigrants receiving Amnesty, now it is time for someone to take in consideration how we feel. Politicians are making this decision for the American people by allowing them to stay and putting them in our neighborhoods and in our schools with our children.

Our country is swollen with a wave of illegal immigrants. The situation has spiraled out of control and they plan on more entering the country illegally by the end of the year. Our Border Patrol is overwhelmed with the flow of illegal immigrants flooding our country. Obama's term is coming to an end, he created this mess by violating our own American Laws and is dropping this mess in the laps of the American people.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Migrant Teens from Central America come to Farmington Hills Michigan

Twenty-four teen boys between the ages 14-16 will be housed in Farmington Hills, Michigan sometime in August. People who are for the children who are coming over from Central America being housed and allowed to stay in the United States feel that those who are against it are prejudice. That is not the case, we have so many children right here in the United States who are living in poverty situations. Our Federal Government is going to foot the bill for all these children coming into the country illegally. Which, translates into we, the American people are going to foot the bill for all these children to be housed and fed.

Allowing these children who are entering the country illegally to stay is not the answer. It is only encouraging more immigrants to cross the border illegally and making the problem worse. If Obama wants these children here, let him house them in the White House with him and his family.

The American people have spoken out loudly, that we do not agree with Obama allowing these children to stay. If people want to come to our country, they should be made to follow the correct procedure for entering the country. Anyone entering the country illegally, should be sent back to the country they came from.

Our foster system is already crowded. Children services are already having problems placing and housing children who have no where to go or who have been removed from their homes due to unsafe living conditions. Take care of our children first. So many American children are being swept under the rug while we try to deal with the situation President Obama has dumped in our lap. Obama made the problem and is expecting the American People to deal with the problem he has now created for us. 

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