Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ferguson Missouri

Isn't it so funny how everyone is in a uproar about one situation going on in the United States, then something else comes up and the previous issue has practically vanished from the news? Two weeks ago the immigrants coming from Central America was the topic of the news, Israel is at war, Christians are being persecuted in Iraq and the list goes on, now we just hear bits and pieces of news from the United States and around the world and the situation in Missouri has taken over the news.

There is unrest all over the world, it is even becoming difficult for me to follow all the news going on around the world and I spend hours a day following the news. It seems the more attention Ferguson, Missouri gets, the worse the situation becomes. The people in Ferguson know the eyes of the United States is watching what is going on in Ferguson. So, what happens? They give us more to watch. After watching several online videos trying to sort out the mess in Ferguson, I have come to the conclusion that no, the officer should not have gunned down Michael Brown in the middle of the street like he did and he failed to follow police procedures on arresting a suspect. Michael Brown was far from a law abiding citizen, but he does have the right to a fair trial without being gunned down in the street. He was a young man on the wrong path, he decided to strong arm a store clerk over a box of cigarillos and a police officer decided not to follow police procedure. Now the city of Ferguson has come crashing down and is now a police state.

While protesters continue to protest in Ferguson, stores are still being looted and robbed by criminals, not peaceful protesters. The problem with situations like Ferguson is, people are going to take advantage of the situation and use law enforcement's lack of control of Ferguson to go out and commit crimes and innocent people are being harassed, robbed and killed all because one young man decided to rob a store for a box of cigarillos and one cop decided not to follow the proper police procedures. That is all it took for two people to bring down the city of Ferguson and cause injury and death to innocent people. Ferguson could be any city in the United Sates. Ferguson should be a wake up call to every police department in the United States.

Our own Charlie LeDuff, Fox2 News Detroit traveled to Ferguson to help the American people see what is going on in Ferguson.

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