Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Obama forcing schools to waive the vaccination requirements for illegal immigrant children.

Thousands of illegal immigrant children have flooded our country and now they will be placed in our public schools with our children without the proper health screenings and vaccinations. Our children are required by law to have the proper vaccinations to attend school. Obama is classifying these children as homeless and are forcing the public schools to waive the vaccination requirement, so they can start school with our children. Many of these children have already been placed in some of the countries top of the line government housing.

As one border agent put it:  “We’re having a lot of diseases coming in and some we haven’t seen in decades.” Agents are worrying about a viral outbreak. “We are sending people everywhere.” Scabies, viral pneumonia, drug-resistant TB, MRSA, staph infections, bird flu, and on and on.

As Bretibart reported:

The Virginia Department of Education issued a memo to its 132 divisions this week outlining how schools should handle the expected influx of more than 2,850 illegal immigrant children. In addition to giving them “homeless” status, which comes with benefits under the Homeless Assistance Act, the state is also ordering schools to “immediately enroll” the students and waive the health and immunization requirements of other students.
The memo to Virginia’s school divisions stressed the need to provide all children “equal access to an education” and highlighted the updated guidance from the Obama administration providing more flexibility on the documentation students need to enroll in public schools.
“Such equal access extends to children who come into the United States from other countries without an adult guardian. These children are referred to as unaccompanied alien children (UAC) in federal statutes,” the memo explains.
Once again, our rights are being violated and our children's health is being put at risk, because Obama feels our children's health and well-being is not as important as the immigrants health, well-being and education. Allowing these children to attend school without the proper health screenings and vaccinations is putting our children at risk of contracting serious illnesses and even death. Why is our children's health and well-being not as important as the illegal immigrants? I call what Obama is doing as Operation Population Control. 

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