Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nativity Scene Battle???

In the city of Warren, Michigan there is a dispute about an equal display of time. There's a man who is arguing that displaying a nativity scene in front of a city building is a violation of the separation of church and state. The man is an atheist and wishes to display his own sign that reads:

He placed the sign directly next to the nativity scene in front of City Hall. The mayor forced the man to remove the sign, because he does not have the permission of the city to display the sign on public property. Because he was forced to remove the sign after several attempts to get permission from the Mayor to display the sign, him and the group "Freedom From Religion" plan on suing the city for not allowing him to display his sign.

In my opinion, I find his sign intrusive and a mere attempt to force his views on others. He can choose not to believe in God. However, that doesn't give him the right to challenge the beliefs of others in a public forum. I personally would not want my child to walk past the sign and read the sign.

Celebrating Christmas is a tradition that has gone on in the United States for many many years. I am a little tired of other groups thinking they have the right to stomp on the rights of Christians. However, there religious rights should be protected. For example, a christian child is not permitted to say a prayer in school or bring a bible to school. But, if you walk into the office during Ramadan, you will find Muslim children spending their lunches in the office, because they are fasting or young girls wearing scarves to cover their hair. The schools respect their rights as Muslims and allow them to sit in the office during Ramadan instead of the cafeteria like the rest of the children, but our own christian children are not allowed to practice religion during school hours. The religious rights of other cultures are groups are respected in schools, except for the religious rights of christian children.

It really irritates me that our own children can longer say the pledge of allegiance in schools anymore, because it may offend someone. National Anthems are being banned at sporting events, because of the wording. How do children learn to have pride in their own country if they don't know the pledge of allegiance or hear the national anthem? Where does it stop?

Now, atheists want to take our right to display just about anything that symbolizes Christianity. Atheists may believe "Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds", but religion gives people hope for a better world and a moral foundation to rest their hearts on.

Everyone has the right to believe what they wish to believe. But, it is time to stop stomping on Christians and Christianity. Let us enjoy something without it being dragged through the court system and the mud. If you don't agree with the nativity scene, keep walking and find better things to do than wasting our tax dollars over a nativity scene dispute.

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