Thursday, January 27, 2011

Overseas Customer Service Centers

If you have read any of my previous posts you are aware of my problem with companies sending our customer service call centers overseas. Well, today my mortgage company called and proceeded to tell me, this conversation is recorded and so on.... So, I told them good, tell IndyMac Bank to bring their customer service center back to the United States and I don't appreciate my money being used to employ people in India. I would prefer my mortgage money went to paying the salaries of United States Citizens and please play back this call for IndyMac bank, because I want them to know how I feel about them sending their customer service center overseas. As the man proceeds to read me back an incorrect email address as he is verifying information, I told him to call IndyMac Bank and get the right email address from them since they already have it because, I already receive account notifications to the correct email address. The man was seriously offended and wanted to know why I feel that way. Why do I feel that way? Millions of Americans are out of work and what is the major contributing source to Americans being unemployed? Corporations opening up companies and call centers overseas. He continued to argue with me. I asked him, "Why are you arguing with me? That's what you call customer service."  I am on a mission, every customer service center that calls me or I call them, I am going to ask them where their call center is located and proceed to tell them exactly how I feel about their customer service center being located overseas. I'm going to keep an ongoing list. If you know any call centers overseas, please let me know and please feel free to leave your opinion. I eventually plan on contacting the companies, here in the United States and let them know exactly how I feel. My thought is, if enough people object may be they will start bringing jobs back to the United States and stop sending our money overseas to pay people overseas to do what can be done here.  Think about it, someone overseas is sitting there in front of a computer with all your personal information in their computer. That is something, I am not to pleased with. How do I know I can trust them with all my personal information. Such as, my address with my date of birth and social security number. Someone can sit there and write it all down as the screens pop up. In the United States they constantly walk behind everyone watching what they do. I know that, because I worked for a call center before. How do I know they are doing the same overseas? After all, they are getting paid less to do the same job that was done here. A little food for thought.

Direct TV- Your calling the Philippines when you call them! Ask & you will see.
IndyMac Bank- When they call you, they are calling from India!

Giant Animals.

I didn't get the opportunity to do too much blogging yesterday. It was a wacky Wednesday, alright. But, it had nothing to do with blogging. So, here's a little Wacky Wednesday on Thursday.

Wow, that is one big catfish! I bet their wives didn't believe them until they showed them the picture.

This is a crab. Imagine trying to catch that thing to bring it in.

I come across that on a street, I probably would jump and run to the other side. I definitely wouldn't be standing there taking pictures in case it decided to start walking.

Imagine buying kibble for this pooch. I hope she has a truck to get him the Vet.

Giant Hog. I'm sorry, he just looks like he is standing there saying "I wish someone would help me out this damn hole instead of taking pictures.

Poor Moose.... How does he walk?

Okay, that's just weird. It looks like it has eyes on it's wing tips.

Now, that's one big rabbit. Maybe that's Peter Cottontail.

This poor Angora bunny.

Poor little birdie, I bet that was painful.

Okay, that just sends chills down my spine. Imagine that one crawling down your wall.

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