Thursday, January 27, 2011

Giant Animals.

I didn't get the opportunity to do too much blogging yesterday. It was a wacky Wednesday, alright. But, it had nothing to do with blogging. So, here's a little Wacky Wednesday on Thursday.

Wow, that is one big catfish! I bet their wives didn't believe them until they showed them the picture.

This is a crab. Imagine trying to catch that thing to bring it in.

I come across that on a street, I probably would jump and run to the other side. I definitely wouldn't be standing there taking pictures in case it decided to start walking.

Imagine buying kibble for this pooch. I hope she has a truck to get him the Vet.

Giant Hog. I'm sorry, he just looks like he is standing there saying "I wish someone would help me out this damn hole instead of taking pictures.

Poor Moose.... How does he walk?

Okay, that's just weird. It looks like it has eyes on it's wing tips.

Now, that's one big rabbit. Maybe that's Peter Cottontail.

This poor Angora bunny.

Poor little birdie, I bet that was painful.

Okay, that just sends chills down my spine. Imagine that one crawling down your wall.


  1. Just a couple observations:
    Crab-imagine catching THAT in your underwear. Moral of the Story: Always wear protection.
    Pooch: Forget the frikkin' Kibble. Imagine picking up after that monster. You'd need a Pooper-Scooper the size of a snow shovel!

  2. wow, these animals are amazing, i can almost not believe that it exist! x

  3. Wow... those photos are AMAZING!

    Following you from MBC. :)


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