Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Followers

Good morning everyone, I have some new followers and I can't find their links to follow them back. If I have missed following back anyone, please leave a comment with your link and I will follow back. I love reading all the new blogs. :)

If you've noticed, there is a lack of posts. I think I am experiencing writers block. With all my new found problems with the house. I'm a little distracted by trying to get affordable estimates and figure out how we are going to manage these problems. I love owning my own home, but it's a lot of work.


  1. I own my own home. I love it, but sometimes I fantasize about having a landlord fix the dishwasher, put a new roof on, repair the sump pump, paint the garage, pay the property taxes, or shout at the squirrels (no, wait, that one's mine).
    As far as followers, I hear ya. I DO have someone from Slovenia reading my stuff although he (or she) isn't a follower. Still, it's pretty cool feeling like the United Nations of Blogspot.

  2. Hi there! Found you at MBC and am now following. I'd love you to visit me at Oh, and welcome to the mixed blessing of home ownership. :)

  3. I know. I think sometimes that would be easier, but I hate living in apartments.


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