Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Is It Only Tuesday?

It seems like it should be Thursday already, it's been one of those bad luck weeks. I hate those weeks. Never just one thing goes wrong, it's like a domino effect. My week starts by me doing my taxes on Sunday and I found out we would be getting a whole lot less back than expected and we have to pay the state, then water is leaking in my laundry room from the upstairs shower and then I go out to start my truck and my truck won't start. So, I have my husband jump it and it starts. That was only Sunday. Well then the next morning, I go to start it and the damn truck won't start again. My truck is an 07, I can't believe the battery died on it already. Then yesterday,  I called to get an estimate to do the roof on the house and garage, because the insurance company is requiring the roof get replaced. They came today to give me the estimate and it is going to be $4,500. Totally insane, I was expecting a couple thousand, but not $4,500! Can we just back up and start 2011 over? I am not liking how the year has started already.


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