Monday, January 24, 2011

Epic Fails

Seriously, what dumb ass did not see the driveway they were putting the pole in?

When are people going to learn that when your trying to beat someone while your driving  you are likely to get in an accident and it's going to take you even longer to get where your going.

I guess that didn't work. Time to go back to the drawing table.

Next time they will know to use a pizza pan.

I wonder how many people paid $5 for a $3 cheeseburger before someone said something?


  1. Another funny one! Love the phone one :D

  2. hahaha... I love looking at fails. Too funny

  3. I like the "Dick Smith" thing. Is that like a porno Black Smith, Silver Smith, or Gold Smith?

  4. Or Tin Smith. I KNEW I forgot one.


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