Thursday, February 26, 2015

January 2015 Jobless Rates Rise Again

Jobless claims has risen to 313,000. 290,000 was expected, putting us 23,000 above expected. Translating to 9 million unemployed in the United States, this does not include those who are not eligible to collect unemployment. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics "Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rate for teenagers (18.8 percent) increased in January. The jobless rates for adult men (5.3 percent), adult women (5.1 percent), whites (4.9 percent), blacks (10.3 percent), Asians (4.0 percent),
and Hispanics (6.7 percent) showed little or no change. (See tables A-1, A-2,
and A-3.) "In January, the number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more)
was essentially unchanged at 2.8 million. These individuals accounted for 31.5 percent
of the unemployed. Over the past 12 months, the number of long-term unemployed is down
by 828,000. (See table A-12.)

America's jobless have been waiting year after year for there to be an increase in jobs to get back to work. Food service jobs are steadily increasing by 33,000 a year. But, try supporting a family on a food service job. Millions of educated Americans are still paying for $20,000 or more in student loans and have no way to  pay for their loans or are working food service or low paying jobs. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Kayla Muller an American Aid Worker Killed

It has finally gotten to the point where Obama can no longer ignore ISIS. Jordan stepped up and went after ISIS with full force. The longer they are ignore ISIS, the bigger threat they become to the United States.

Susan Rice says, ISIS is not an existential threat to the United States. There are threats from ISIS against every state in the United States, except for Alaska. The damage ISIS has done already isn't enough for this administration to recognize ISIS is a threat. What is it going take? Another attack like the 9/11 attack to hit our homeland before they become a threat to the United States.

Obama says Christians get on their high horse and commit horrible acts at his Prayer Breakfast Speech in Washington yesterday. It amazing how Obama can compare today's modern day Christian to what is going on with ISIS. Americans comparable to ISIS? He pulled that one out of his hat and probably should have left that remark out of his speech. Why is he the President of the United States if he thinks we are so barbaric? I guess, he thinks Jordan is on their high horse too.

ISIS is claiming aid worker Kayla Jean Muller was killed by Jordan's bombing in the northern city of Raqqa. It is questionable she was killed in the bombings. ISIS released photos of several burned 3 story buildings, but no pictures of Muller. Interesting how Muller was killed only and, no Islamic state militants were killed in the air strikes or any other hostages. ISIS is attempting to play the United States against Jordan after the bombings as an attempt to manipulate the United States to put pressure on Jordan, considering ISIS still has several US hostages. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Illegal Immigrants Granted Amnesty Will Be Collecting 3 Years of Earned Income Credit

IRS commissioner John Koskinen confirmed Tuesday that the illegal immigrants who were granted amnesty from deportation by Obama will be able to get earned income credit on income where they worked illegally. Obama is allowing to collect on 3 years of earned income credit and child tax credits as long as they filed returns during those years. In fact, they do not have to prove where the children reside or even the children even exist. Who will be picking the tab for billions of dollars in refunds? You, the American tax payers.

All immigrants who were granted amnesty and all immigrants entering the country will be given social security numbers and once they receive their number they can go back and amend 3 prior years of tax returns and claim tax returns. Once again we see Obama stood in front of the citizens of the United States and tell another lie and go back on something he said he wouldn't do.

Not only will they be able to go back and amend their returns and collect around $15,000 per return multiplied by nearly 2 1/2 million immigrants, these immigrants will be able to collect full welfare benefits. While our senior citizens work part time jobs and struggle paying bills or buying food, our military personnel are being laid off in the field, injured vets waiting up to a year after coming back to receive healthcare, school funding has been cut and our civil service departments have seen major cuts, Obama wants to hand billions of dollars to illegal immigrants.

We obviously see the American people are not first priority on Obama's list. Illegal immigrants and Islamic Extremists are first on his list. He wouldn't want to offend illegal immigrants or Muslim Extremists, but he doesn't have a problem violating our rights and offending Americans.

ISIS Territorial Control

ISIS has successfully taken control of a significant portion of the Iraq, Jordan and Syria. Turkey has still yet to close their borders, making a gateway for ISIS militants to move through the area. ISIS and Al-Qaeda are one in the same. Prior to 2014, ISIS and Al-Qaeda were fundamentally the same group sharing the same interests. When ISIS defied Al-Qaeda's leader, Ayman Al-Zawahiri to back off of Syria and kill fewer civilians in Syria, the two militant groups split and now compete to gain control of Islamic Extremist groups around the world. ISIS is working towards emirate that straddles Syria and Iraq.

Through out history there has been growing tensions between Sunni and Shite Muslims in Iraq. ISIS is capitalizing on the tensions between the Muslim groups and successfully gaining control of Iraq.

ISIS successfully uses social media to gain fighters from around the world and is a cash rich militant group. In Syria, ISIS has gained control of oil fields and sells the oil back to the Syrian government to help fund their Jihad.

The map below highlights ISIS's 5 year expansion plan.

Countries like Iraq and Syria are very for easy for ISIS to infiltrate as they can move freely into the countries since Desert Storm. A person can drive through the border with very few questions or inspections entering in from the bordering countries of Syria, Jordan and Turkey.

Every year thousands of Muslims make the holy journey to the city of Mecca in Syria to complete Hajj. Hajj is required by every Muslim to make the journey at least once in their life, if they physically capable of making the journey. Muslims from all over the world travel into Syria to make the trip to Hajj making Syria easy access for militant groups to freely travel into Syria.

We are now entering year 2 of the 5 year expansion plan. In 1 year ISIS has successfully straddled Iraq and Syria and proven to be successful in strong arming the militant groups and cities in Iraq and Syria and there is more to come.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Jordanian Pilot Burned Alive By ISIS

ISIS should have spent a little more time on their strategy before they burned alive the Jordanian hostage. The ISIS woman prisoner, Sajida Al-Rishawi, who was involved in the 2005 attack awaiting execution  King Abdullah announced Tuesday, they will now execute the ISIS prisoner at dawn. Jordan was particularly angry at the brutality of the execution of the Jordanian hostage and says it was a mockery of last weeks demand to release Rishawi for the Jordanian pilot. The deal fell through when ISIS failed to provide proof of life of the hostage.

ISIS poses a threat to control the middle eastern countries, because those countries ISIS poses a threat  to have very small militaries and are not capable of solely taking on ISIS alone.

We have a president who refuses to take a stand on terrorism.  That is who is leading our war on terrorism, he doesn't know what to do. How much longer will it be before ISIS follows through on their threats against the United States?  ISIS has either already has a plan in place or the threat has already been carried out by the time they release a video. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

ISIS Now Sending 15 Year Old Boys To The Battle Field

Apparently, ISIS is running out of recruits. ISIS is now sending young boys as young as 15 years of age to fight in the battle field. That is the point to raise a generation of young brutal children to continue on the ISIS ideology, ensuring the future of Sharia Law. As seen in the video below, children are forced to join the camp or fear the threat of the children and their parents to be killed.

ISIS uses fear tactics and expose the children to brutal murders installing  intense fear into these children and their families. Leaving them no choice, but to participate in the training camps. With the use of fear, ISIS brain washes the children to fight for Sharia Law from as young as age 5.

ISIS is building momentum and becoming more aggressive in their push to enforce Sharia Law. The fighters you see today are some of these children raised in these camps. There is no undoing the damage that has already been done to these children. These children have grown to become machines for ISIS. There is no other way of life for these fighters. They would rather die for the cause then surrender to those who are sinners.

These children have little to no education and are raised to murder and slaughter all those who violate Sharia Law. ISIS is trying to build a state and if they successfully build a state, it will give them the power they need to take over other states spreading their ideology. ISIS is brutal group who will kill Muslims, Christians and all non-believers. 

Obama's concern over being politically correct so no one is offended is insane. ISIS is not concerned with our rights or if they offend us. Their goal is to kill all non-believers. There is no rationalizing or sympathizing with ISIS. They feel we are sinners and it is their mission and are obligated is to destroy and kill all sinners in the name of Allah. 

The intent of ISIS can no longer questioned. They have already displayed their clear intent. ISIS has already gained control of areas in Iraq and Syria. As seen with Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden and Al-Quida gain control, their is compromising without killing them and destroying their regime. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Two Japanese Journalists Hostages Killed Saturday

Two more people killed by the hands of ISIS. So far, ISIS is following through with all their threats. ISIS tweeted the threat and posted a ticking clock on Saturday threatening to kill the two Japanese journalists if Japan refused to pay the ransom of $200 million dollars for the two journalists. 

Our clock is ticking and the longer we sit on this ticking clock with ISIS. The bigger the threat ISIS is going to become to the United States. Obama hasn't set a realistic objective in defeating and destroying ISIS. The Arab world is not stepping up to put an effort to stop ISIS.  ISIS controls 1/3 of Syria and spread out through out the Middle East. Arab countries are going to delay stopping ISIS for fear of backlash against those who support Sharia Law. 

If someone doesn't step up and set forth a clear objective and plan to defeat ISIS they are going to continue growing and taking over more control of the Arab world and become a even larger threat to the United States. 

The Afghan Taliban is a terrorist organization, however our government has failed to declare ISIS as Islamic Extremist Terrorists. There is no difference between ISIS and the Afghan Taliban. Same type of groups with different names. Both groups are Islamic Extremists and killing anyone who does not follow their ways. 

President Obama is politically correcting himself right out of this war and putting the United States in danger of acts of terrorism being committed against the United States once again . Acts of terrorism has been committed against Americans in the past and it is very possible for it to happen again. Americans too quickly forget the past and develop a false sense of security. 

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