Monday, November 8, 2010

Winner At The Porn Shop

In this world there's all kinds of luck. This story involves every kind of luck.

A man, from who knows where in Michigan goes to the Uptown Book Store in Highalnd Park,Michigan. That's not any book store. It's an adult book store. Well, he decided to buy a Powerball ticket in addition to porn, if he was buying some. It turns out he was the winner of the $128 million jackpot. Some luck. You go to check out some porn and you wind up a millionaire.

After all these years of playing it straight, you know, buying my tickets at the local party store or 7-11, I don't win a damn thing. I never knew those kind of stores sold lottery tickets. Maybe if i frequent more of them I might get lucky while looking for a little porn.


Domestic Violence

Christina Aguilera - I'm OK

Stay At Home Moms

Why is it seems like we have just as little time as stay at home mom's as we did when we were working full time? Is it because we are home more so we pay more attention to detail and our homes are cleaner than they were when we were working or is it our family picks up less after themselves because they know we are home to clean up after them. It seems like the work is never done. Here it is 12:30 and I just finished cleaning and I am still working on the the laundry. Yes, I woke up at 7:00, so I didn't spend the morning sleeping as some people think stay at home mom's do. I am not a stay at home mom by choice. I would love to be back in the work force. If only I could find a job again that would accommodate my children's school schedule. Being a man is so much easier than being a woman. The only thing men have to do is get up and get dressed for work, and yes work all day. But, then they can come home and relax. Their home is clean and their dinner is ready for them. Men don't worry about limiting their work schedule to accommodate their children's schedule. Women on the other hand, we get up, get the kids ready for school, clean the house before going to work and maybe throw some laundry in then go to work and work 8 hours. Then come home cook dinner and give the house a quick pick up again and then do dishes after dinner. It's only been a month and half since I have been out of the work force again. Even with all that in mind. I would love going back to work. If only the economy was better and there were more jobs out there. But for now, I'm a stay at home mom again. I forgot how much work it could be.

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