Sunday, November 7, 2010

Little Boys & Little Girls

Today was my son's 11th Birthday Party. What a joy. It's like the boys get some kind of twisted joy out of antagonizing my daughter. She doesn't help things either. She will run in her brother's room and call him and his friends names and then run away. When they come back and call her names, she comes crying and tells on them pretending like she didn't do anything to get it started. Then later they will go downstairs and call her names and do things to make her cry and then she will come upstairs crying. When you call for the boys, they all come upstairs laughing with red faces swearing they didn't do anything. But, then again when their to blame, they never do anything. If only that was true, we wouldn't have the problems we have. So Sammy says "When it's my birthday, no boy's are allowed. Not even Chris. They have to go somewhere."  God help me. Am I going to make it until their 18th Birthday?

Making Babies

When your older and trying to have a baby, it seems like you do the craziest things. Take you temperature in the morning, time your sex, pee on a stick just to see if your ovulating, pump yourself full of hormones and vitamins and then lay there in bed with a pillow under your ass and try really hard not move, sneeze or cough after having sex One of the hardest things is they pump you full of hormones and then tell you to only have sex every other day. That's just cruel! At that point your a walking hormone.  Jeez oh man, it was much easier when we were younger. All we had to do was just have sex. Two of my three children weren't even planned. Now it's a lot of work, just to get knocked up.

Bada Bing Lincoln Park

I don't have anything against strip clubs, but club Bada Bing is in the news or newspaper at least once a month. They are in today's paper for a manager stealing a safe in two blenders. We are familiar with the most recent stories of the underage stripper, a man tortured in the basement and the strippers who were caught without their cabaret license to perform. I don't know how that club stays in business with all their fines and trouble they have going on in there. Personally, I would stay away from that place because you never know when trouble is going to break out.  You would think the club owner would clean that place up and fly right so he would get better business. The strip clubs with a good reputation have men and women lining up to get in.

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