Sunday, November 7, 2010

Little Boys & Little Girls

Today was my son's 11th Birthday Party. What a joy. It's like the boys get some kind of twisted joy out of antagonizing my daughter. She doesn't help things either. She will run in her brother's room and call him and his friends names and then run away. When they come back and call her names, she comes crying and tells on them pretending like she didn't do anything to get it started. Then later they will go downstairs and call her names and do things to make her cry and then she will come upstairs crying. When you call for the boys, they all come upstairs laughing with red faces swearing they didn't do anything. But, then again when their to blame, they never do anything. If only that was true, we wouldn't have the problems we have. So Sammy says "When it's my birthday, no boy's are allowed. Not even Chris. They have to go somewhere."  God help me. Am I going to make it until their 18th Birthday?

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