Friday, November 21, 2014

Obama's Executive Order on Immigration

President Obama addressed the country last night announcing he is going to use his executive order powers to pass his Immigration Plan. During his speech, Obama claims our immigration laws are broken and this action will fix our current immigration problems. Obama tells illegal aliens, they can come out of the shadows and get right with the law.

Jose Antonio Varges

Jose Antonio Varges is an good example of how illegal aliens are breaking laws. Last night Jose Antonio Varges came out of the shadows on national television and talked about how this new amnesty plan will now give him the freedom to become an American citizen. Mr. Varges has lived in the United States since he was 12 years old by breaking numerous laws, Vargas has worked his way to the top to winning a Pulitzer Prize for his journalism by breaking laws. As an illegal alien, he illegally lived in the United States, lied to go to college here in the United States, evaded taxes, and broke numerous other laws to stay in the United States. The question I ask is, doesn't that make him a criminal? Thousands of illegal immigrants who committed violent criminals were released from prison back into our American society by Obama and were not deported. I, am currently in debt thousands of dollars, years later for my college education. However, Varges can get away with lying to go to college and get away with it.

Obama says, his executive order will not stick it to the middle class Americans, that is what he said about Obamacare. Read you pay stubs, Obamacare does stick to the middle class Americans. Middle class Americans who are already paying for private insurance are also paying a tax for Obamacare.

His executive order will stick it to middle-class Americans. 57% of immigrants currently collect welfare benefits middle-class Americans are already paying for. Obama, middle-class Americans can not afford to support another generation of immigrants, while our middle-class are struggling to survive just the same as Obama claims illegal aliens are currently doing to stay in the United States. Obama will do anything possible to help illegal immigrants stay, while the middle-class is paying for it and will continue to pay for it. Obama says, these illegal aliens will not be entitled to the same benefits as Americans, they have 3 years to do it right. What Obama fails to say is, these aliens will be entitled to these benefits after that 3 year period and possibly even before. Those immigrants who are issued a temporary green card are entitled to collect welfare benefits courtesy of the American taxpayers.

Americans are already struggling to find jobs. 4.5 million illegal aliens will take jobs from Americans who are already out of work and make it even harder to get jobs. Yes, some of these illegal aliens are children. Children grow up and this Executive Order on Immigration will take take jobs from Americans for generations to come.

I am not against immigration, but I feel immigrants should be forced to follow our immigration laws, come to the country the way they should and apply to stay just the same as immigrants who have  come to the United States in the past.

Obama claims, our current amnesty policy is a way of collecting votes. Obama's executive order on immigration is a way of collecting votes for the Democratic party for years to come.

Obama's executive order on immigration says, it's okay for you to break laws, we will pass a law to keep you from facing legal ramifications for breaking our laws and help you stay in the United States while other Americans would go to jail over breaking some of these same laws illegal immigrants break everyday.

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