Thursday, May 27, 2010


Vets are worse than doctors are. Whenever, you take your animal to the vet they come back in the room with a big long list of a whole bunch of crap your animal does not need. It is absolutely ridiculous that vets cost more than doctors for humans.

I called their office yesterday because my dog has another ear infection, they told me I could bring him in so they could look at his ears and they would give him a refill on antibiotics. Now keep in mind, he was just there a month ago and they ran all their little tests and it is the third time he has been there since February.

I think they made me sit there for an hour and half just to try and sucker me out of more money. The vet was a new vet there and needs to find another occupation.

First, he told me to put Max on the table. Max started freaking out and was trying to get down so I put him down. The Vet insisted he could not check his ears unless he was on the table. So, I put him back on the table and he started climbing all over me to get down and when the vet went to reach for him he nipped at him. He jumps back and says, "I don't trust this dog, he's aggressive." LOL Max aggressive, that's funny. Apparently, he needs to go back to school so he can learn that anytime you put a dog in a situation where they feel threatened or insecure they are going to protect themselves. He insisted Max be muzzled and he wanted to sedate him which I refused to allow him to do to check his ears. A complete stranger can walk up to Mr. Max and pet him and all he does is wag his tail. The joke about Max that anyone knows him says, If there was a burglar he would probably let him in.

Then he sends two of techs in the room with an estimate for $286.00 of crap the dog doesn't even need. Like cleaning his ears for $27.00, which I can do at home free and ear cleaner which I had already purchased from them the month before and told him I still have enough. I refused all the services except for the medication for his ears because all of that stuff had just been done and all I wanted was the medication for his ears and they act like I am a bad parent or something when the dog has been to the vet 3 times since February and has had all the tests the had on the paper done twice already. And they wander why so many people don't take their animals to the vet as often as they should. They make it almost impossible to afford. My dog has been to the vet more in the past year than my children have been to the pediatrician.

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