Friday, July 30, 2010

Inmate Sues The Crime Victims?????

A Florida inmate is suing his victims for $500,000 in damages.  Michael Dupree is serving 12 year sentence for a burglary and cocaine possession.  Dupree is claiming his victims used excessive force with him and he is suffering from permanent disabilities and psychological damage.  The victim had put him in a shoulder lock until the police arrived.  He broke into a car, stole a bike and was found hiding naked. The victim held Dupree in a shoulder lock until the police got there. Doesn't Dupree think he used excessive force when he broke into the car and then stole someones bike to escape on? Dupree is just a little sour because he got busted.  As far as the psychological damage, I think he already had psychological problems if he is running around naked.  How is it possible that a criminal can even possibly sue their victims in the first place. Our judicial system seriously needs some work. Not only is he wasting our tax dollars by taking care of his ass in prison. The judicial system is going to allow him to waste more of our tax dollars on a senseless on a senseless lawsuit. The judge should have laughed at him and sent him back to his cell. That alone is crazy.  How can a civilian be sued for using excessive force?  That's insane!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Epic Fail Tattoos

In loving memory, maybe he should have found a better tattoo artist.

What church does he go to? lol

Okay, what the hell was she thinking?

Okay, is she still going to love pac man when she's 50?

Does he really want to look like this when he has children? His children are going to have nightmares about their father.

I bet her man is enjoying that tattoo from behind.  Her sex life may be over.

This one should be hanging in tattoo parlors to remind people what they will look like when their older when they decide to get their bizarre & strange tattoos.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seasonal Items

I understand the concept on trying to get a head start on the back to school shopping.  I did today only because they put everything out so early you have to go and buy some of the back to school supplies at Target if you want to get the good stuff at a cheap price because the bins are already half empty. My beef with the whole thing is, it is still summer! What if I need to buy items for my summer needs.  I have been in the stores looking for a few miscellaneous items for the backyard and I can't find them because they already pulled most of the summer items off the shelf. For example, a grill and some clips to hand up the streaming lights. With all the storms lately a lot of my clips blew away and my grill quit on me yesterday. I have to buy a new grill. I absolutely hate cooking in the house during the summer. It's just too damn hot even with the central air on. However, since it is toward the end of July. Your grill selection is very slim. Now, there are still about 2 or more months left of grilling. Don't they stop and think that someone may want to buy a grill in July.  For crying out loud they put the grills out in March before anyone even starts grilling.  No one is thinking about buying a grill in March. The same goes with Halloween and Christmas.  They start putting out the Halloween items in August and the Christmas items in October.  Who the hell wants to think about Christmas in October? Let me get through the school shopping and Halloween before you start shoving Christmas decorations down my throat.  Then when you run to the store in December when your putting up your decorations and need a few more items you can't find everything you need  because all the good decorations has already been picked over. I don't know about you, but I am sure as hell not pulling out my decorations in October to see what items I may need. It seems like every year they start putting the stuff out earlier and earlier. The whole thing is beginning to get ridiculous!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Die Hard 5

Why in the hell are they making another Die Hard movie. I understand that the great John McClane never died, but do they really have to make another one the last one should've been it. Hollywood needs to produce some new action heroes. I'm sure the movie will do well, but get some fresh blood in there. I'm no movie snob, but there needs to be some new action heroes, because I know I get tired of seeing the same ones.


Economic Situation & Jobs

I am enjoying being a stay at home Mom to a certain point. I have had the opportunity to do things with my children over summer vacation that I normally haven't been able to do with them when I was working.  But, I did my time and I would love to enter the work force again but jobs are so scarce here in Michigan.  I would leave here in a heartbeat if my husband could transfer to another state without taking a pay cut.  What has this economy come to?  Not too many years ago you could apply for a job and find a decent job within a few weeks. Now it literally takes months, no matter how much education you have.  Jobs that used to pay around $50,000 year are now starting people off at $9.00 or $10.00 an hour. The competition for those lousy paying jobs are fierce. When I was reading online last week about the current economic situation, some employers are reporting they are receiving over a 1,000 online resumes for one job posting.  It seems that the men are having an easier time finding jobs.  There are more manual labor jobs than there is jobs woman typically perform. Employers are taking advantage of the millions of people being out of work and offering less money because they know there are a lot of people who are desperate for jobs and will take it.  What they fail to realize that the economy isn't going to improve much if people have less money to spend to boost the economy. If people make less than they spend less. Economics 101.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Miley Cyrus

The whole world needs to come to the realization that Miley Cyrus is going to grow up and want to advance her career beyond young girls and move on to a larger audience.  Miley is being criticized for her skimpy body suit and her tight leather pants she wore at the MTV music concert. It's up to her parents to decide what she should or shouldn't wear. If Miley Cyrus is going to go anywhere with her career she is going to have to change her image to fit in the with the adult world.  Changing the way she dresses goes along with it.  That's when parents have to step in and say Miley Cyrus is longer appropriate for their young daughter. Honestly, I don't see how her outfits are too much different than most 17 year old girls.  Miley is trying dress her age, she's not 14 anymore. Even if she was 18, people would still be complaining about how she is dressing and trying to change her image to begin to fit into the adult world of the entertainment business.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Real Life Hannibal Lecter

Nicolas Cocaign, a prisoner in Rouen France says a sexual urge drove him to kill and eat his cellmate. Cocaign took a pair of scissors and stabbed his cellmate several times in the chest and neck after he made him angry for asking him to wash his hand after using the toilet in their small cell.  Once he finished stabbing him, he placed a plastic bag over his head to make sure he was dead and then cut open his chest with a razor and cut out a piece of his lung that he thought was his heart and placed it in a Tupperware container for his evening meal.  Cocaign fried and ate the lung and told the court room while he was in court that he enjoyed eating human flesh and claims it tastes like venison.  Cocaign says, he warned them he wanted to kill someone and eat them to know what human flesh tasted like and no one believed him until he did it.  Maybe the next time an inmate says he wants to eat a human they will believe him.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Politicians & Facebook

When are the politicians going to learn not to post comments on Facebook that will get them in trouble later? Politicians like to Facebook too, but their only problem is what they say on Facebook seems to come back and bite them in the ass later. They might as well call the paper up or the news and say what it is they want to say. It ends up in the news anyway. For the average person on Facebook, no one really cares what we say on their as long as we aren't bragging about breaking some law and getting away with it. Granted you can say whatever you want as long as it is in the guidelines. Keep in mind your in the public eye and everyone especially the media is waiting for you to screw up and post something controversial on Facebook so they can jump on it. So if you are in the public eye, be careful what you post on Twitter or Facebook if you don't want it to come back and bite you in the ass later.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Breast Milk Groups

One of the new fads is for mothers to share breast milk.  They join breast milk clubs on social networking sites and share breast milk.  The groups are for mothers who produce too much breast milk and for mothers who can not breast feed their own child, either because they are not producing enough milk or because they have adopted a child.  Breast feeding a child can bring great health benefits for the infant.  However, I'm not sure getting breast milk from someone you don't know is worth the risk it may bring to your infant. Many diseases and illnesses can be passed through breast milk.  Things such as drugs or alcohol can also be passed through breast milk. How do you know the mother is being 100% honest about being disease and drug free? You don't know 100% unless the mother is tested. Then there is also the possibility she had too much to drink the night before and fails to disclose that information.  Simply either because she forgot or she doesn't feel it is relevant.  Situations like this can bring serious health risks to your infant.
There a breast milk banks where breast milk can be purchased for about $3.00 an ounce.  I realize that is a little pricey but, if feeding your child breast milk is that important to you than it's worth the cost.  The breast milk is tested before it is sold. So, it is a much safer option for your infant.  Taking a chance on feeding your infant breast milk from someone you don't know is too much of a risk and out weighs the benefits of feeding your infant breast milk.  You wouldn't go buy your infants medication off the street to save money. Then, why would you get your child's breast milk from a complete stranger off the Internet? 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Irresponsible Parents

Irresponsible parents drive me nuts! Yesterday, my daughter's friend came over to play. We have had a lot of children over lately so I told her  "If she comes over her parents have to pick her up by dinner." At about an hour before dinner I told her to call her parents and have come and pick her up.  Well, they didn't pick up the phone or even call her back until 7:40.  Almost two hours later! It was different when the child lived just around the corner and you could send her home, but now her family moved and she has to be driven here & home. Now, the thing that makes me crazy about this is, the child has a heart condition! What if something went wrong and the child started having problems or there was some sort of emergency. Her parents are notorious for not picking up the phone when she calls, returning her call hours later and not picking her up when they are supposed to pick her up.  The child is only 9 years old.  If my child calls I always pick up the phone and if I miss their call I call them back immediately. You never know when something can happen.  I pay for my 9 & 10 year old to have cell phones so they can call me no matter where they are and I can always reach them. That seems to be one the problems with summer vacation, you are dealing with kids and their parents more during the summer than during the school year. I am ready for summer vacation to be over all ready.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Prepubescent Boys

Prepubescent boys are a hand full.  I went downstairs to run a virus scan on the computer the kids use and it was running slow and had a lot of viruses. So, I checked the computer's history.  Someone had gone to porn sites on the computer. My son and his friends were downstairs on the computer Saturday. I am guessing it would have been him and his friends. Of course everyone denies any wrong doing. But, the kids are the only ones who use that computer. They were searching for 11 year olds having sex and busty women, among many other things.  Wow, I didn't even know that kids at the ages of 10 & 11 even knew what porn was or how to look for it.  I am cautious about what I let my children watch.  But, not all parents do.  The Internet can be a blessing, but it can also be a real headache with monitoring what your children are doing on the Internet.  You can't possibly go through and block all the porn sites because in parental controls you have to input each site one by one. If you check under 18 content, it blocks all sites with pictures.  There has got to be a better way to limit what your children are doing on the computer.  Any additional software you purchase, you have to block the sites as they are viewed or block each domain.  I did the only thing I could think of, forbid anyone from using the computer when friends are here. Put a password on the computer and their history will be checked whenever they get off the computer. I hate to do it like that, but they have left me with no choice.  God help me, I am not ready to be dealing with these sorts of issue. 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sitcoms From The 70's & 80's

I was having trouble sleeping last night and so I was up watching Seinfeld. I was laughing at old episodes I have already seen. I don't watch any of the new sitcoms because they don't make me laugh like the old ones did. Whoever thought a show about nothing but the everyday life would have been so humorous or would have made it so big? I can’t count the number of times I have seen the bubble boy episode and it still makes me laugh. Sitcoms like Laverne & Shirley, Happy Days, Sanford & Son, Threes Company. Now, that was comedy. Maybe I am just reminiscing about my youth. Nevertheless, the new sitcoms have nothing on the sitcoms from the 70’s & early 80’s. Therefore, when there’s nothing on I would rather be watching Seinfeld or one of the older shows than sit there and try to get into one of the new sitcoms.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Keep Your Children Safe This Summer

Safer Summer Fun


Participate online in the Summer Safety Program.
It's easy. View the presentation, then follow the link at the end and take a quick survey.
Summer is an exciting time for kids—what are your child’s plans? Will he or she be spending time home alone? Going to local parks and pools with friends? Attending a sleep-away camp?

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children recommends that parents and guardians consider children’s summer activities, both structured and unstructured, and take responsible actions to help keep them safer. The first step is to open the lines of communication.

Kids need to know:
Neighborhood boundaries and whose homes they may visit.
Who to call and where to go in an emergency.
Their full names, address, and telephone number(s).
To keep doors locked and not open the door if they are home alone.
Not to approach a vehicle or accept a ride from anyone without your permission.
To avoid pools and other bodies of water without adult supervision.
Their curfew, and to call you if they will be late.

Other important reminders for parents:
Supervise children at malls, movies, arcades, or parks.
Choose and screen babysitters with care.
Before enrolling your children, investigate daycares, camps, and summer
programs thoroughly.
Always listen to your children.

Going to an Amusement Park?
Theme parks are great places for family fun. Take time to plan your trip, and talk to your kids about ways to stay safer before you arrive at the park. A few minutes of advance preparation can make your outing more enjoyable and safer for the whole family.

Before you leave:
Make a plan to meet in a specific location should anyone become separated; a good place is the closest Help/Information Center.
Pay attention to where kids are and who they are with at all times.
Teach kids to check first with you before accepting prizes or gifts from anyone.
Teach kids to tell you if anyone makes them feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused.
Teach children to runaway and yell, “this person is not my father (mother)!” if someone tries to take them away.
Make sure kids never wear clothing or carry items that display their names.

At the park:
Get a map of the park and immediately show your kids where the Help/Information Centers are located.
Give examples of people who can help (park personnel, mothers with children, etc.) if they become lost.
Have children carry some form of identification and emergency contact information with them.
Accompany young children on rides.
Accompany children to restrooms.
Report suspicious or inappropriate activity immediately.
Immediately report your child missing if you become separated

This information came from the National Center For Missing or Exploited Children
You can find more useful information for keeping your children safe by clicking on the link below.

National Center For Missing Or Exploited Children

Monday, July 12, 2010

LeBron James Booed In New York City

LeBron James was booed outside of Carmelo Anthony's wedding on Saturday by a crowd of New Yorkers. And of all places to do it, at a wedding. The timing was a little inappropiate. I understand they may be angry about him signing with the Miami Heat, but booing Lebron was a little excessive. He made a career change that he feels is in the best interest of his career. Anyone would have done the same. The fans just need to think realistically, players are going to be traded and sign with other teams. Although, I think the hour long ESPN special was a little over the top. I know I was really disappointed when Chauncey and Rasheed left the Pistons. The Pistons haven't been the same since the trade. But, hopefully someday they will pull themselves out of this rut their in. But, what are you going to do? That's the way the NBA works.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Raising Teenagers

What happens to a child when they turn 18? They seem to think they automatically become adults and no longer need their parents. They no longer have to show us respect and they can do and say as they please. I understand they are growing up and want to go on their own, but that doesn’t give them the right to think they can just walk on their parents and their parents should still do as they ask. One thing they seem to forget is once you are 18 and graduated from high school we are longer responsible to support them or take care of them especially when they fail to respect us as their parents. We are no longer obligated to put up with their bullshit. I don’t put up with someone on the street threatening to hit me, yelling at me or even swearing at me. Therefore, what makes them think we have to put up with from our grown children? In actuality, she did get special treatment because if someone off the street talked to me like that I probably would have popped him or her in the face.

So many children today just do not understand they are the child and you are the parent, they live in your home and you support them, not vice versa. The only thing I really require from my children is to show respect for other people. I try to help them understand, you should treat others how you would like to be treated. If you do not want someone to scream and yell at you then don’t scream and yell at them. However, when you are yelling at someone they are automatically going to become defensive. It’s a natural response. Children should not scream at their parents, try to tell their parents what to do or criticize their parents. However, if we are yelling at our children, we are bad parents. Doesn’t that make them bad children or are they exempt from following the rules of society?

Someday when they are grown and raising their own children and their child is standing there yelling at them and saying inappropriate things to them they will understand what you were trying to tell them and possibly feel sorry for the way they acted as a teenager. God help me, but raising a teenager has to be one of the toughest jobs I have ever had.

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Debate Over Jobless Benefits

Sara Murray from the Wall Street Journal needs to keep her nose out of the unemployment extension debate if she is going to cover it from the angle that there are so many people unemployed because of all the extensions.  Saying that some people are being more picky in choosing jobs because of all the extensions is bullshit! Granted she did cover the other angle but that is all the Republicans need to hear is people are turning down jobs while collecting unemployment. Why is it that some people just don't seem to understand that unemployment does not pay you what you were making with your previous employer.  I was making $20.00 an hour before I started collecting unemployment. My income has been cut by more than half of what I used to make working. While Sara Murray is sitting comfortably at her desk collecting her big paycheck millions of Americans are struggling to pay their bills and feed their families because of current economic situation.  I started looking for a new job before I lost my job because I saw what was coming. I spend hours on the internet looking for a job daily. Applying for jobs that pay as little as $9.00 an hour because I am afraid I won't find a job before my unemployment runs out.  Sara Murray and all the Republicans should not make general statements about the millions of Americans who are unemployed based on a hand full of people who have rejected jobs.  What needs to considered is some states have a higher unemployment rate than other states have making it more difficult for people to find jobs. I have been to interviews where there was as many as 250 people applying for one position.  The competition is fierce out there because of the high unemployment rates and to make it worse employers are lowering their wages because they know people will take the jobs paying less money.  The unemployed are being taken advantage of by employers because they know we are desperate for jobs to keep our homes and feed our families.  The Republicans are always trying to stop unemployment extensions but I don't see any of the damn Republicans taking any pay cuts.  School teachers are losing their jobs and schools are closing left and right because they are losing the funding they need to keep the schools running.  The Republicans will do just about anything to keep their wallets FAT while cutting back on the average American citizen and educating America's youth.  Since when does a FAT Republicans wallet come before educating our youth and feeding our children.  Millions or even billions of Americans are falling below the poverty level but no one seems to give two shits about that.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Eat This Not That Articles

Summer is here and all the Eat This Not That food articles are there everytime you open the internet.  It's difficult to enjoy food anymore.  Because, while your eating this when you should be eating that, your thinking about how bad it is for you.  When you hit your late 20's you have to start thinking about the food your consuming because it's not as easy as it used to be to lose weight and keep the weight off.  Unless, your the exception to the rule and you can sit down and eat a huge dinner then dessert without having to worry about gaining a pound.  But, for the general population we have to worry about what were eating because if we don't then we will feel it in our jeans later. Those were the days when we were young and we could enjoy that slice of cheese cake without all the guilt that goes along with it. I hit the gym practically five days a week but I am still struggling with getting where I want to be.  Those legs and tummy are a lot harder to firm up after three children.  People wander why plastic surgery is so big with women in their late 20's and 30's.  Yes, despite what teenagers think, parents still want to look good in their 30's.  I think for some of us, we work harder at looking good in our 30's than we did when we were young.  No, it's not being vein. I just think that just because you are in your 30's you shouldn't give up on your appearance.  Why should we only try and look good when we are young?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Soldiers May Face Displinary Measures For Their Dance Routine

Six Israli soldiers may now face displinary measures for a youtube video that has surfaced showing them breaking out into a dance rountine while patrolling the streets of Hebron.  I think it is total bullshit. They should cut these poor men a break.  All that needs to be said is, please don't do it again. Soldiers work 7 days a week and devote their life to protecting their country.  They need to have a little fun sometimes and blow off a little steam occasionally to keep their sanity. 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Crash Dieting To Fit In Those Little Shorts

The funny thing about summer is that all of a sudden when summer hits a lot of people start to lay off the junk food and start eating healthier. All winter long we are practically covered from head to toe with cloths and don't pay attention to those developing roles on our waist.  Then when spring hits and we begin to wear less clothing and begin to see all the new little roles that have developed over the winter season and we hit the gym and begin the crash diets to get the extra weight off.
In the summer, there are more articles about eating healthy and dieting. Then we are reading every artical we can get our hands on for the quick fix to our winter weight gain. Should we really only be interested in eating healthy in the spring or summer.  I am also guilty of bad eating habbits in the winter.  My two favorite holiday dinners in the winter are Christmas & Thanksgiving. I love turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes & gravy, and sweet potatoes.  By the time Christmas is over,  my jeans begin to feel a little tighter around the waist and I am ready to hit the gym a little more to make up for all the times I slacked over the holidays. We will never change, we will always stuff ourselves with pizza and overeat on the holidays then rush to drop the weight in the spring. Then we tell ourselves, next winter I will be more careful about the food I eat and we never do.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Happy 4th everyone. I will probably be taking break from writing this weekend. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays.We will be celebrating the 4th will friends and family and I need to get ready for the bbq. I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend. Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Unemployment Extensions Cut

Okay, Bush came damn near close to doing this country in. Now, the Republicans are trying to finish us off. They sit there and pretend like they give two shits about the economy and the hard times the people are going thru then they turn around and vote against unemployment extensions. Do they have any idea what that will do to this country?  Home foreclosures are at an all time high. It is the worst time to even consider selling your home.  Because, you won't get what you owe on it. Michigan's unemployment rate is around 30%. That is a huge number.  I have been out there applying for jobs where as many as 200 or more people are applying for the same job. How are people supposed to find a job if there aren't very many jobs out there. How do they expect peope to support their families?  They say they can't afford to extend unemployment, but I'm sure they haven't made any cut backs on themselves.  I can bet you their standard of living hasn't changed a bit since the country went into a recession.  I can tell the republicans a few things, they can kiss my ass and they won't ever get my vote in the future.

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