Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seasonal Items

I understand the concept on trying to get a head start on the back to school shopping.  I did today only because they put everything out so early you have to go and buy some of the back to school supplies at Target if you want to get the good stuff at a cheap price because the bins are already half empty. My beef with the whole thing is, it is still summer! What if I need to buy items for my summer needs.  I have been in the stores looking for a few miscellaneous items for the backyard and I can't find them because they already pulled most of the summer items off the shelf. For example, a grill and some clips to hand up the streaming lights. With all the storms lately a lot of my clips blew away and my grill quit on me yesterday. I have to buy a new grill. I absolutely hate cooking in the house during the summer. It's just too damn hot even with the central air on. However, since it is toward the end of July. Your grill selection is very slim. Now, there are still about 2 or more months left of grilling. Don't they stop and think that someone may want to buy a grill in July.  For crying out loud they put the grills out in March before anyone even starts grilling.  No one is thinking about buying a grill in March. The same goes with Halloween and Christmas.  They start putting out the Halloween items in August and the Christmas items in October.  Who the hell wants to think about Christmas in October? Let me get through the school shopping and Halloween before you start shoving Christmas decorations down my throat.  Then when you run to the store in December when your putting up your decorations and need a few more items you can't find everything you need  because all the good decorations has already been picked over. I don't know about you, but I am sure as hell not pulling out my decorations in October to see what items I may need. It seems like every year they start putting the stuff out earlier and earlier. The whole thing is beginning to get ridiculous!

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