Thursday, July 1, 2010

Unemployment Extensions Cut

Okay, Bush came damn near close to doing this country in. Now, the Republicans are trying to finish us off. They sit there and pretend like they give two shits about the economy and the hard times the people are going thru then they turn around and vote against unemployment extensions. Do they have any idea what that will do to this country?  Home foreclosures are at an all time high. It is the worst time to even consider selling your home.  Because, you won't get what you owe on it. Michigan's unemployment rate is around 30%. That is a huge number.  I have been out there applying for jobs where as many as 200 or more people are applying for the same job. How are people supposed to find a job if there aren't very many jobs out there. How do they expect peope to support their families?  They say they can't afford to extend unemployment, but I'm sure they haven't made any cut backs on themselves.  I can bet you their standard of living hasn't changed a bit since the country went into a recession.  I can tell the republicans a few things, they can kiss my ass and they won't ever get my vote in the future.

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