Friday, July 30, 2010

Inmate Sues The Crime Victims?????

A Florida inmate is suing his victims for $500,000 in damages.  Michael Dupree is serving 12 year sentence for a burglary and cocaine possession.  Dupree is claiming his victims used excessive force with him and he is suffering from permanent disabilities and psychological damage.  The victim had put him in a shoulder lock until the police arrived.  He broke into a car, stole a bike and was found hiding naked. The victim held Dupree in a shoulder lock until the police got there. Doesn't Dupree think he used excessive force when he broke into the car and then stole someones bike to escape on? Dupree is just a little sour because he got busted.  As far as the psychological damage, I think he already had psychological problems if he is running around naked.  How is it possible that a criminal can even possibly sue their victims in the first place. Our judicial system seriously needs some work. Not only is he wasting our tax dollars by taking care of his ass in prison. The judicial system is going to allow him to waste more of our tax dollars on a senseless on a senseless lawsuit. The judge should have laughed at him and sent him back to his cell. That alone is crazy.  How can a civilian be sued for using excessive force?  That's insane!


  1. A shame of course.

    I once worked for an insurance company that insured a company that supplied ice cream to Jackson Prison.

    The inmates sue like crazy. The "nuts" in the ice cream hurt their teeth, there allegedly was a "rock" in the ice cream, the ice cream made them "sick" etc etc. None of these lawsuits succeed.

    They have nothing better to do.

  2. Thats crazy. I dont think they should have a right to sue unless thei civil rights have been violated. After all their in prison. Not at a resort.


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