Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Crazy Shit People Do For Money

A 42 year old man of the African Nation of Togo attempted to board a plane four weeks ago. The man showed signs of being nervous and it alerted security.  It was discovered the man had swallowed 85 condoms filled with cocaine to smuggle into Houston, Texas. How stupid can you be to swallow 85 condoms filled with cocaine?  You can't even depend on a condom to hold sperm and prevent pregnancy. But, your stupid enough to believe it will hold the weight of cocaine?  In a way, it possibly saved his life that he got caught carrying the condoms full of cocaine.  If just one of those condoms broke it could have been fatal for him.  How did he plan on getting all of those condoms out without possibly breaking one of them.  Then he wouldn't be around to even spend the money from carrying drugs over here. The crazy shit people will do for money.

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