Monday, August 9, 2010

Girls Entering Puberty As Early As Age 7

New studies have shown girls are entering into puberty as early as age 7.  Some Pediatricians claim that is partly due to a rise in obesity in youth, others have no clue why young girls are entering into puberty at an earlier age.  About 10 years back studies were done on young girls who entered into puberty at an earlier age and scientists put some of the blame on the hormones that are now being pumped into our animals by farmers to increase the amount of meat they can get from the animal.  Some of the problems with childhood obesity can also be blamed on the hormones that are injected into our animals. Now if farmers are pumping our animals full of hormones and we are feeding the meat to our children, it is going to have an effect on their bodies.  I am guilty myself of eating meat from the grocery store and feeding it to my children.  The economy gives us no choice.  Unless you can afford to go and buy meat from markets that only sell hormone free meat.  The problem is, it is very costly and The Food and Drug Administration should do something about the farmers pumping the animals full of hormones.  The problem is nobody really seems to care what they do to our meat.  The scary part is they now allow stores to purchase their meat from other countries to sell.  If you didn't know that, check some of the meat labels in grocery stores.  Walmart is really bad for selling a lot of meat from other countries. We don't really know the regulations in other countries, but people continue to buy meat shipped over here to the United States.  Is it possible to buy anything made in America anymore?   To me, it seems like the Food and Drug Administration is becoming slightly slack on following through with their regulations and monitoring what goes on.  You know there are problems when there are recalls on food almost weekly on the news.  I think the government has put our health second to money and they are allowing the farmers and the stores to do so too.  What is it going take before the government steps in and makes stiffer regulations on some of these companies and what is imported into this country to be consumed by Americans?  Infants have even had health complications from plastic baby bottles and formula. The government officials all sit around a table and compare the amount of money the country is making on imports to the health risks involved.  Guess what, they voted on the money not our health.

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