Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trouble Filling Positions?

Some companies are claiming despite the high unemployment rate, they are having trouble filling the positions.  Employers are claiming they are getting flooded with applicants for the positions they are posting. However, they are only getting a few applicants who are qualified.  Then maybe it's time to train some people to actually get them back to work or put the requirements back to what they were before the job market got flooded with the unemployed.  Too many companies turn down the over qualified because they feel they will be unsatisfied with the position and the pay.  However, if you are unemployed and collecting unemployment you are facing your benefits coming to an end.  You are willing to take just about any job at that point.  Most unemployed clearly understand they are going to make significantly less money than they did at their previous jobs.  The problem is employers don't want to give us the opportunity to do the job.  I wonder if sometimes the people doing the hiring are threatened by hiring someone who is capable of doing their job.  Therefore, they go for the less skilled worker who is not a threat to their position.  We are not after their position.  We are after a job.  I am a over qualified for many of the positions I apply for. The thing that puzzles me is why are so few employers calling me.  A few have told me after interviews they don't feel I would be satisfied with the position and didn't hire me.  For most of the positions I have applied for I do have several years of experience performing the tasks they are asking, but they don't call.  You would think working at the same job for 10 years would show commitment and that would be a good quality.  However, I am still having a difficult time finding a job. Another problem is employers have raised their requirements for a position and lowered the pay. What kills me is they blame the jobless benefits for their problems.  They claim people are being more picky about the jobs because of all the unemployment benefits.  They need a reality check.  Granted, unemployment is still money coming in while your laid off.  But, it's not enough to pay all the bills.  Many families have lost their homes because they could no longer afford their home on unemployment.  Let me ask you a question. Since when has anyone ever needed a associates degree in business to be a secretary?  I'm sorry but that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. I was an office manager for 10 years. I trained secretaries to do their jobs but I am not qualified even though I performed secretarial tasks at my job.  Go figure. Employers have the answer right under their nose.  All they have to do is open their eyes.

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