Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Top Ten Craziest Diet Fads

As Americans, we are always looking for new ways to lose weight and are willing to try just about anything to get the weight off quick. Stop the insanity and eat healthy.

Top Ten Craziest Diet Ideas That Don't Work

Martini Madness
In 1964 Robert Cameron published “The Drinking Man’s Diet.” In Cameron's book he suggests drinking low carb beverages such as, gin or vodka will help you control your carbs.  Bologna!! Not only is it unhealthy for you to drink alcohol daily it doesn't work.

Chewing Your Food Thoroughly
Chewing your food thoroughly says you are to chew your food 32 times but don't swallow your food.  The diet says you can absorb the nutrients from the food without taking in the calories from the food.   However, you will lose weight on this diet, but it will be from malnourishment.

There is such a diet as the tapeworm diet.  Pills can be purchased where they are laced with worms and once you ingest them the worms live off the food in your stomach.  You can not purchase the pills in the United States. However, the pills can be purchased online. I wouldn't suggest trying this one, there are serious side affects and health risks involved. 

The Grapefruit Diet
You will have to eat only grapefruit for 12 days.  The diet does work, but it is extremely unhealthy for your you and your stomach and as soon as you resume eating again you will gain all of your weight back.

The Cabbage Diet
The cabbage diet encourages you to consume as much cabbage as you can possibly stand for seven days.  Eating only cabbage for seven days will help you lose weight but there is no protein in cabbage and your family and friends will be running away from you for the next seven days.

The F-Plan
This diet plan has you fill up on high fiber and advocates eating plenty of potatoes, legumes and grains. Okay, we all know eating carbs is one of the worst things you can do for your diet. You may find yourself packing on the weight instead of dropping it off.

Beyonce's Lemon-Aid Diet
Beyonce' drank 6-12 glasses of lemon-aid laced with cayenne pepper and maple syrup to drop the weight quick for her role in Dream Girls.  Beyonce' was the first to admit that she did lose 18 pounds in only 10 days. However, she put it every pound back on as soon as she resumed eating again.

Beer Belly
This diet was conceived around the real scientific law of thermogenesis.  The logic of the diet is that you consume cold food such as beer and ice cream because your body has to work hard before digesting the food.  The only thing your going to get from this diet is a beer gut.

Macrobiotic Diet
This diet focuses around eating whole grains, beans, vegetables with moderate amounts of fish, balancing the yin and the yang.  It was popularized by Madonna. It sounds like it would be a good diet.  However, it can leave you vitamin deficient.

The Low Fat Diet
Manufacturers came out with all these low fat foods and replaced the fat with sodium and sugar to improve the taste. Consuming higher levels of sodium and sugar is terrible for your diet and can cause other health risks.  Consuming fat in moderation can be healthy for you. 

Stick to low sodium, low sugar diets while consuming all your major food groups in moderation is still the best way to diet.  Don't look at it as dieting. Look at it as changing your eating habits permanently.  The quick fix will help you lose weight but you will put it all back on plus more when you return to eating like a human again.

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