Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Real Life Hannibal Lecter

Nicolas Cocaign, a prisoner in Rouen France says a sexual urge drove him to kill and eat his cellmate. Cocaign took a pair of scissors and stabbed his cellmate several times in the chest and neck after he made him angry for asking him to wash his hand after using the toilet in their small cell.  Once he finished stabbing him, he placed a plastic bag over his head to make sure he was dead and then cut open his chest with a razor and cut out a piece of his lung that he thought was his heart and placed it in a Tupperware container for his evening meal.  Cocaign fried and ate the lung and told the court room while he was in court that he enjoyed eating human flesh and claims it tastes like venison.  Cocaign says, he warned them he wanted to kill someone and eat them to know what human flesh tasted like and no one believed him until he did it.  Maybe the next time an inmate says he wants to eat a human they will believe him.


  1. The inmate to guard ratio must be extremely high there.

  2. Maybe. I think the ratio is two prisoners per cell anyway. The thing that gets me is putting a killer who expresses an interest in eating another human in a cell with another person. That's similar to putting a cat in a cage with a bird and expecting the cat not to eat the bird.


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