Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Irresponsible Parents

Irresponsible parents drive me nuts! Yesterday, my daughter's friend came over to play. We have had a lot of children over lately so I told her  "If she comes over her parents have to pick her up by dinner." At about an hour before dinner I told her to call her parents and have come and pick her up.  Well, they didn't pick up the phone or even call her back until 7:40.  Almost two hours later! It was different when the child lived just around the corner and you could send her home, but now her family moved and she has to be driven here & home. Now, the thing that makes me crazy about this is, the child has a heart condition! What if something went wrong and the child started having problems or there was some sort of emergency. Her parents are notorious for not picking up the phone when she calls, returning her call hours later and not picking her up when they are supposed to pick her up.  The child is only 9 years old.  If my child calls I always pick up the phone and if I miss their call I call them back immediately. You never know when something can happen.  I pay for my 9 & 10 year old to have cell phones so they can call me no matter where they are and I can always reach them. That seems to be one the problems with summer vacation, you are dealing with kids and their parents more during the summer than during the school year. I am ready for summer vacation to be over all ready.

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