Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Breast Milk Groups

One of the new fads is for mothers to share breast milk.  They join breast milk clubs on social networking sites and share breast milk.  The groups are for mothers who produce too much breast milk and for mothers who can not breast feed their own child, either because they are not producing enough milk or because they have adopted a child.  Breast feeding a child can bring great health benefits for the infant.  However, I'm not sure getting breast milk from someone you don't know is worth the risk it may bring to your infant. Many diseases and illnesses can be passed through breast milk.  Things such as drugs or alcohol can also be passed through breast milk. How do you know the mother is being 100% honest about being disease and drug free? You don't know 100% unless the mother is tested. Then there is also the possibility she had too much to drink the night before and fails to disclose that information.  Simply either because she forgot or she doesn't feel it is relevant.  Situations like this can bring serious health risks to your infant.
There a breast milk banks where breast milk can be purchased for about $3.00 an ounce.  I realize that is a little pricey but, if feeding your child breast milk is that important to you than it's worth the cost.  The breast milk is tested before it is sold. So, it is a much safer option for your infant.  Taking a chance on feeding your infant breast milk from someone you don't know is too much of a risk and out weighs the benefits of feeding your infant breast milk.  You wouldn't go buy your infants medication off the street to save money. Then, why would you get your child's breast milk from a complete stranger off the Internet? 

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