Friday, July 9, 2010

The Debate Over Jobless Benefits

Sara Murray from the Wall Street Journal needs to keep her nose out of the unemployment extension debate if she is going to cover it from the angle that there are so many people unemployed because of all the extensions.  Saying that some people are being more picky in choosing jobs because of all the extensions is bullshit! Granted she did cover the other angle but that is all the Republicans need to hear is people are turning down jobs while collecting unemployment. Why is it that some people just don't seem to understand that unemployment does not pay you what you were making with your previous employer.  I was making $20.00 an hour before I started collecting unemployment. My income has been cut by more than half of what I used to make working. While Sara Murray is sitting comfortably at her desk collecting her big paycheck millions of Americans are struggling to pay their bills and feed their families because of current economic situation.  I started looking for a new job before I lost my job because I saw what was coming. I spend hours on the internet looking for a job daily. Applying for jobs that pay as little as $9.00 an hour because I am afraid I won't find a job before my unemployment runs out.  Sara Murray and all the Republicans should not make general statements about the millions of Americans who are unemployed based on a hand full of people who have rejected jobs.  What needs to considered is some states have a higher unemployment rate than other states have making it more difficult for people to find jobs. I have been to interviews where there was as many as 250 people applying for one position.  The competition is fierce out there because of the high unemployment rates and to make it worse employers are lowering their wages because they know people will take the jobs paying less money.  The unemployed are being taken advantage of by employers because they know we are desperate for jobs to keep our homes and feed our families.  The Republicans are always trying to stop unemployment extensions but I don't see any of the damn Republicans taking any pay cuts.  School teachers are losing their jobs and schools are closing left and right because they are losing the funding they need to keep the schools running.  The Republicans will do just about anything to keep their wallets FAT while cutting back on the average American citizen and educating America's youth.  Since when does a FAT Republicans wallet come before educating our youth and feeding our children.  Millions or even billions of Americans are falling below the poverty level but no one seems to give two shits about that.

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