Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Jordanian Pilot Burned Alive By ISIS

ISIS should have spent a little more time on their strategy before they burned alive the Jordanian hostage. The ISIS woman prisoner, Sajida Al-Rishawi, who was involved in the 2005 attack awaiting execution  King Abdullah announced Tuesday, they will now execute the ISIS prisoner at dawn. Jordan was particularly angry at the brutality of the execution of the Jordanian hostage and says it was a mockery of last weeks demand to release Rishawi for the Jordanian pilot. The deal fell through when ISIS failed to provide proof of life of the hostage.

ISIS poses a threat to control the middle eastern countries, because those countries ISIS poses a threat  to have very small militaries and are not capable of solely taking on ISIS alone.

We have a president who refuses to take a stand on terrorism.  That is who is leading our war on terrorism, he doesn't know what to do. How much longer will it be before ISIS follows through on their threats against the United States?  ISIS has either already has a plan in place or the threat has already been carried out by the time they release a video. 

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