Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pit Bull Attacks

Every summer there is a rash of pit bull attacks.  People who own pit bulls and dogs in period should be more responsible with their animals.  I think the owners of dogs who attack people or other animals when they're dog gets out should be fined and possibly even have charges filed against them.  Pit bulls are great at escaping. If your going to own one you have to be responsible for the animal and make sure there is no possible way the animal can get out without being on a leash.  Pit bulls can be a very dangerous animal. People need to wise up and start being more responsible for their animals. Once the dog has escaped and bit someone, the owner should no longer be allowed to own the animal.  After all, it is only a dog and when someones life has been put in danger then they no longer have the right to own the dog. Apparently, they are not responsible enough to own a pit bull. Dog owners period should be more responsible for their animals. I quit walking my dog around the neighborhood because there are too many dog owners who do not have the proper fencing for their dog and they can escape too easily .  I should be able to walk my dog without the fear of another dog coming after my dog or me. A few summers ago when I was walking my dog another dog jumped the fence and came after us. I had my daughter with me. Thank God, the dog didn't bite one of us. But, he was growling at us and if we had moved he would have. There's several houses around the neighborhood where there are dogs and the fencing is not secure enough to hold them in.  Either, they have built some make shift fence out of 2 X 4's and the boards are spaced too far apart, the fence is falling apart or it is not high enough for the type of dog they have. 
Just last week alone in Wayne County there were two separate occasions of pit bull attacks.  The animals are very strong and the owners under estimate the power the animal has.  Now a child will be permanently damaged for life and nearly lost his life because of an irresponsible dog owner.

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