Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is Sexting Cheating?

Today at work, some of my co-workers and I were having a discussion about "Is texting someone of the opposite sex and having inappropriate conversations with them cheating?" From a woman's point of view, it is cheating. Five out of five woman all agreed it was cheating as opposed to a one man's point of view that it is not as long as you were not having a sexual relationship with them. But, isn't that what it is all about and what is the point of doing it if it is going nowhere? If you want to do sexting, then why not do it with your partner?
Men or women who feel the need to cheat or string along others has a lack of self-esteem. The attention they are getting from someone else only builds their ego. A person should be confident enough in themselves not to need the attention of others to feel good about appearance or their ability to be physically attractive to others. You are sexting as a prelude to a sexual relationship with that individual.  By saying, I'm never going to meet with this person is a line of bull, because you know the first time the conversation gets all hot and bothered you will be running off to have sex with them. If you are willing to cross the line of sexting, you will be willing to cross the line of having a sexual relationship with that person too. You don't have to be having sex with them now to be cheating if you are sexting. Eventually, things will lead to a sexual relationship with the other person. It's considered cheating because you are talking sex with another individual while you are vowing to be honest and faithful to your partner.
You have to look at it this way... if you are texting someone and hiding it from your partner, then you know deep down what you are doing is wrong and your partner WILL react negatively towards you and most likely dump your ass when they find out. Saying you don't care if they were doing it is an excuse to validate your own behavior.  When you know deep down, your heart would drop to your stomach if you happen to find out your partner was sexting with someone.
So do yourself and your partner a favor, save them the heartache of your betrayal and be faithful.  You really have to ask yourself the question "Is this person worth losing the one I love?" Apparently not if you are not willing to leave your partner for them and have a relationship with the person you are sexting.


  1. my commonlaw wife is sexting with a married man and now things are going to get bad for everyone should i just end it all i cant stand this shit anymore she says its not cheating but it is, we have two young children and that do not to live this damn life we are living, we are poor and that just adds more pain and sorrow for me , my wife thinks its a game but when all is said and done there will be two young children without parents, i dont have anyone to talk to or be with ,i thought my wife was here for me but i have just been deceived and i cant deal with it i dont eat ,sleep, my head hurts and im getting shortness of breath on and off

    1. You have to do what you feel is right in your heart. Sexting is cheating, unless you both agree it is okay to do in your relationship. Which sounds like your not okay with it. I wish I had more answers to make it easier.


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