Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dr. Laura Schlessinger- Racist or Freedom of Speech?

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, the conservative talk show host has decided to quit her radio show at the end of the year when her contract is up. Dr. Schlessinger is quitting her show because she claims she would like to move onto something where she can express her freedom of speech. Schlessinger used the "N" word eleven times when a black caller who is married to a white man called in to express her discomfort in some of her husbands friends make racist comments about their house. Schlessinger says the caller was hypersensitive to the word. Schlessinger shouldn't have the opportunity to to quit at the end of the year when her contract is up. She should just be out right fired! It sounds to me like Schlessinger is an underground member of the KKK. She thinks people are too sensitive to the "N" word and racist comments? How would she respond if someone called her a "cracker" or made racist comments to her ethnicity? Her parents had to have come from somewhere. After all, this is the United States. The country was founded by people migrating here. Unless you are an American Indian, you come from somewhere. I think no one should have the right to degrade another human being based on race, nationality or sexual orientation. Those should not be included under the freedom of speech act. The freedom of speech act has become a loop hole for racist. You can't go on the street and mutter the "N" word to a complete stranger or anyone else. So, why should you be able to go on air and use the "N" word? Technically on the street, if you repeatedly call someone the "N" word is would fall under hate crimes. Shouldn't she have charges filed against her for hate crimes?

Schlessinger was criticized in 2000 for saying negative comments about homosexuality. Which inspired gay activist to run a campaign to get her off the air. The racist old bag should have been yanked of the air in 2000. Now, I'm expressing my freedom of speech.


  1. That call was amazing. She had a very sympathetic caller who had a legitemate concern about being denigrated by other people in her own house and Dr. Laura turned it all around saying the caller was the problem and throwing in the "N" word 11 times for good measure. I was repulsed frankly. I think she is beyond help. I really do.

  2. Me too. She was way out of line.


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