Sunday, August 29, 2010

2010 Fashions

These are a few selections from Glamour Magazines
"Fall Trends: 12 Styles You're Gonna Want to Wear This Season"
It should be 12 Styles You Should Not Wear This Season.

What's up with clothing designers? Have they run out of ideas?  As a woman shopping in the clothing retail stores, it seems difficult to find something cute to buy.  You can find a few things, but today's fashions are just plain ugly. Not everyone wants to wear the super snug shirts that make you look like your going to pop out of the shirt or the 80's shoes that should have stayed in the 80's.  They just are really not that cute. They are taking all the fun out of shopping.  Shopping is becoming more of a frustration trying to find something that isn't just plain ugly. I'm a girlie girl when it comes to dressing up, buying cloths with all the stripes and ugly prints or the shirts that look like they are too small for me just isn't my thing.  They are making the shirts smaller. I find myself buy larger sizes than I used to buy just to make them fit. Even then sometimes the shirt just doesn't look right.  My 9 year old buys a junior small in some of her tee's and she bought a sun dress from the junior section that was a small.  She is not a big girl by far. She is actually kind of small. Since when can a 9 year old fit in to a junior small. There's something wrong with that picture.

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