Thursday, January 1, 2015

The States Who Are Now Going To Require Drug Testing of Welfare Recipients

A new year brings, new laws. Many states have passed  new legislation beginning in the year 2015, welfare recipients will be required to pass a drug test if they are to continue to receive their benefits.

Welfare recipients are going to be asked to comply with the new drug testing laws. The laws vary from state to state, Some states will require new recipients to pass a drug test.  In other states who passed the legislation, welfare recipients will only need to pass a drug test if suspected of drug abuse, Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Utah now require welfare recipients to pass a drug test according to their state legislation.

States that have already passed this law house found the program costs more money than it saves. As  As MT's Michael Jackman found earlier, Tennessee who has already passed the law has found that less than 1% welfare recipients use illicit drugs. Utah spent $30,000 on drug testing welfare recipients and found that only 12 recipients failed a drug test.

Many states are already facing a crisis in their budget and drug testing welfare recipients is going to cost more money than it will save when the money can be spent on other programs where funding has been decreased or cut all together. 

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