Monday, January 12, 2015

ISIS Cyber Attack on Command Central Twitter and YouTube

I'm not sure about the rest of the population, with the new terrorist attacks, threats and now the new Central Command Twitter/ YouTube pages hack things are getting a little scary. We are sitting around waiting for a Paris-like attack to happen right here on our homeland.


ISIS sure does have us on our toes. ISIS is holding the entire city of New York hostage by installing fear, polarizing the city. The citizens of New York are now required to show their hands when they walk down the street and show anything they may have holding in their hands.

As our society evolves with technology changing how we run our everyday life, war evolves and changes, just as we do. We have the world right at our finger tips with a few key strokes, but the problem with that is we are also right at the finger tips of anyone else in the world.Thanks to advancing technology anyone can go on Google and get real life pictures and exact GPS locations of any building in the entire United States, they hire people we have educated to use our technology to hack our systems to get access to our bank accounts, credit cards and all of personal government information.

  It's a new age war, cyber attacks and the use of fear tactics is the new war. With today's technology, ISIS has the knowledge to hack into our life, our government and knock down our power grids. The United States runs every single aspect and function of our life on technology. Groups like ISIS continue to thrive, because they have learned how to function and manipulate technology to their benefit and continue to be able to self sufficient without the use of technology. How many Americans are prepared to survive without technology or electricity?  

Groups like ISIS are becoming stronger by gaining recruits at phenomenal rates. The internet makes it very easy to get their message out to anyone they wish and is the ultimate recruitment tool. ISIS is recruiting our youth from all around the world, they recruit right in our own back yard to Muslim Extremists who already live here in the United States. Our own money is being sent overseas by millions of Muslims every year to fund terrorist groups. They go to work every day, many of them working for cash, avoid paying taxes and collecting off our welfare system. Michigan DHS allows 4 wives and their children who are married to the same man to collect welfare benefits. I can guarantee our government knows more than I do about how they fund their terrorist acts and plan future attacks. The million dollar question is "Why are they doing nothing to stop it?"

To win a war, you must first admit you are at war. Second, identify the enemy, Third,  you must learn everything possible about your enemy. Fourth , develop a strategy and take them out. We can't acknowledge we are at war if our President won't admit we have an enemy other than just terrorists. Terrorists is just a generic term. In order to elaborate on exactly who the terrorists are, we would have to admit they are Islamic Extremists. We can't do it, because it might insult someone. We can''t develop a strategy, if we can't identify who we are at war with. So simple, if I and so many others can figure out, we are at war and with who, then why can't President Obama. How can Obama act as Commander in Chief of the United States, if he can't even identify the enemy?

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