Friday, January 23, 2015

Islamberg, New York- Terrorist Training Camp In The US

Islamberg is a small rural town in Hancock, New York. Islamberg is a 70 acre compound where Jihadis learn guerrilla warfare.

Islamberg is a Muslim only community composed mainly of black males who converted to Islam while in prison. Islamberg is one of the 35 training camps located right here in the United States in 22 states. The compounds range from 25 to 300 acres. Even though our United States Government finds them a possible threat to the United States, they are allowed to continue to operate, because they are not listed as a terrorist organization.

These organizations are run by a radical Sheikh in Pakistan, known by the name of Sheikh Mubarak Ali Galani. Galani is the leader of the terrorist organization known as Jamaat Al Fuqra. All the way from Pakistan, Galani is training home-grown terrorists to carry out attacks here in the United States on our own soil. I wouldn't be surprised if our government is paying for welfare benefits for the women and children of these men.

The groups are known as the Muslims of America (MOA) and recruit in Mosques and prisons through out the United states targeting African American ex-cons for their training camps.

Now it gets even more scary, Islamberg is located right next to a reservoir that supplies most of New York City's drinking water. The MOA training camps train their recruits in firearms, bomb making and guerrilla warfare.

All of this information is published all over the web. However, our government continues to allow these training to operate and to recruit their soldiers to carryout acts of terrorism right here on our own soil. There are 35 of these training camps throughout the United States. Yet, they are still open and still recruiting even after all of the attacks that have been carried out through out the world. 

If you want to conquer your enemy, conquer your enemy from within. 


  1. We now have the enemy training in camps here in the US and it is because of the pig squatting in the oval office and an Attorney General that will only tell our law-enforcemnet to leave them alone. These terrorist camps are teaching their female dogs who to entice an America male then cut their throats as they sleep while other are trained to kill every man, woman and child including our babies as soon as Obama demans that NO AMERICAN is allowed to own a weapon so they can't be shot as they kill whomever they please.

  2. Political correctness are stomping on the rights of Americans.


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