Monday, July 11, 2011

Casey Anthony, What Will She Do Next?

Rumor has it Lifetime has offered Casey Anthony $2 million dollars for her story. Not only has she been found not guilty, she is going to walk away from this a millionaire. Lifetime denies offering her 2 million dollars for her story. But, can you believe Lifetime would walk away from this movie deal? I have a hard time believing that they haven't offered her a movie deal. I am sure she will get a book deal or a movie deal for her story. The media really isn't concerned with morals or making her rich to get her story. It's about being the first one to get her story and making money. There should be  law prohibiting people like Casey Anthony and other people who have committed a crime from  money off their story. If she does get a movie deal the money should go to  the Missing Children Foundations.

At the very least Casey Anthony should have been charged with child neglect, child endangerment, manslaughter and failing to report her daughter missing in a reasonable amount of time. If any of my children went missing, I would go directly to the police and I would drive them insane until they found my child. I would be searching high and low to find my child. I know most parents would not lie about what happened to their child and would do everything in their power to find them. Calee's life can't be brought back and the judicial system failed to protect her rights and punish her mother for failing to protect her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. I don't understand how Casey  was only charged with lieing to the police. It's a shame Casey got away with time served and will be out of prison next week.



  1. It's so sickening that she would even make a penny of a profit from the death of her innocent child. I'm still upset over the verdict.

  2. Casey's going to Disney World!
    (By the way-snarky comment aside-I agree with you 100%)

  3. You had me for a moment. I thought she was going to Disney World. She's heading to Victoria Secret to buy her sexy underwear that's on her to do list when she gets out.


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