Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sea of Blue Ribbon Campaign II

December 20- December 31st

Show your support for your local law enforcement. tie a blue ribbon on your house, around a tree or even on your car. 

Every 58 hours an officer dies in the line of duty. 71 officers died in the 911 attack. Police officers put their very lives on the line every day, making split second decisions. As wives, sisters, mothers and daughters of the men and women in blue, our campaign seeks only to say "We love you, we support you and please come home safely". On Saturday, December 20th, we are asking everyone that is a member of the force, a family member of the force, is the friend of a police officer, or has simply been helped at one time or another by a police officer to display a blue ribbon. Put it on your mailbox, deck rail, tree, etc. Many will be working on Christmas eve and Christmas Day, missing special moments with their children. They will be there for you when called. Please show our officers in blue how much we RESPECT and APPRECIATE their service and sacrifice.

Also visit the Facebook page hosted by Sea of Blue Ribbon Campaign

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