Sunday, December 20, 2015

Donald Trump for President

Donald Trump has successfully manipulated the poles. Americans are exhausted by Obama's antics and are screaming change. The United States successfully voted in the actor, Ronald Reagan. Why not a successful businessman?

Donald has successful dominated this upcoming election. The average citizens are not even aware of who is running for President besides Donald Trump and the corrupt Hillary Clinton. Clinton or any other candidate does not stand a chance against Trump.

The United States voted in the first African American President and are not willing to vote in the first woman as President. Especially, when the first woman candidate is Hillary Clinton. Americans feel that our country is falling apart. What will happen to us if Clinton is voted in? Obama already shows too much sympathy for our Islamic Extremist enemies and Americans are afraid of a repeat of the 9/11 or the now California attack. Clinton is known for her secret deals with our enemies.

The logic behind Donald Trump is Americans are confident that he is a Christian and he stands for the traditional American beliefs. Donald Trump is a smart business man who is living what used to be the American dream.

Americans fear Clinton will make secret deals with our enemies who threaten our core values and our way of life. In our society today, the American dream has been replaced with a poverty stricken society desperately trying to stay afloat and  fear our own safety from the Islamic Extremists. Americans are looking for someone who will aggressively go after the Extremists and take them out and someone who bring back what we used to know as the American dream. 

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